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Nostradamus C2 Q42: Aged put to death in a cruel manner until euthanasia made legal.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C2 Q42 Black morelles use as anesthetic despite deadly propertiesThe theme of this verse is given amplification by the anagrams which raise issues about a worm (ur mour) causing deaths (hats de ſ) in swamp (mpus Au) and the use of this information to eliminate agedness (de ſang ſe) by performing euthanasia via anesthetics (iens et chats). In this pursuit Chinese medicines are introduced but new laws for this treatment cause hesitance (iens et cha) and delay (laye d).

The anagrams providing the basis for undertanding the text of C2 Q49 include:

1. Preconquest Chinese teach agedness deaths stronger hesitance ranges on anasthetics reputes
2. Tyrant elated play uurote more remote duty tolerated
3. Usual laws swamp nature barest beams beset Jera
4. Eupatorium Utopian morelle rumour uuorry Quint
Qui n'auoit peur mourir de cruelle mort
Cock, dogs and cats will be satiated with blood
And from the wound of the tyrant found dead,
At the bed of another legs and arms broken,
He who was not afraid to die a cruel death.
Coq, chiens et chats de ſang ſeront repeus
Et de la playe du tyran trouue mort
Au lict d'vn autre jambes et bras rompus
Qui n'auoit peur mourir de cruelle mort
L1: <chinese sect repent ogreS deathS><preConquest chinese detacheS-organs><anasthetics> <Counterpose><norSe Chocq hesitance reputes><norSe proseCute><norSe repute Coqs Sang etch niches dates><Sane etch Stronger dateS>

L2: <tyrant mouuer tolErated><duty ran touuer><lay try outrun a meteor/ remote due>

L3: <usuAl romps berates nature jamb><romps bares lAuus bejam nature><suuAmp roars best bejam true vaunt di-rect><jamb beset pAulus moras>

L4: <utopian Quit crude morelle (mushroom or Denise 1984)><it pure rumour morelle cried><eupatorium (aster flower) Quin(T) our dire cruel morel><tarQuin cruel mole><cruder morelle Quit>drier / direr reduce cured
1: preconquest, tolerated, anesthetics, suuamp, deaths, suuap,
2: Eupatorium, hesitance, Morelle, tyrant, rumour, uuorm,
3: Rontgens / stronger, Chinese, jamb,
4: counterpose, prosecute, Utopian, Utopia, cruder,
5: Tarquin, scathed, slauic, duty,
6: agedness, inches, quort, delay, lauus, usual, play,
7: -
8: receptus, Paulus, mouuer (2x),
9: Jera,
10: chasten, outrun, reputes, berates / rebates, reduce, jam,
11: gores / ogres,
12: breast / barest, vaunt / uvant, chest, Aniou, Luisa,
13: cured / crude, roars, direr / drier,
14: paled,
15: -
16: niche, cried, bees,
17: meteor / remote, beam,
18: elated, beset,
19: repute,
20: -
21: cheats / chaste / scheat / scathe, chats,
22: encites, cheat / teach, coq,
23: -.

preconquest, tolerated, swamp, cock, deaths, hesitance, rumour, tyrant, swap, Eupatorium, Morelle, worm, Chinese, stronger, counterpose, prosecute, agedness, Utopian, duty, scathed, usual, delay, cruder, laws, Paulus, play, chasten, Anjou, outrun, mower, crude, niche.


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