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Nostradamus C2 Q47: Poison gases released by Parisian traitors late in the 21stC.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 2 Quatrain 47 France Struck From Sky Life papers Crusade Lucifer ApepThe 'stones raining' reference in the third line of verse places this prophecy amongst those in my paper called Fire in the sky which describes genetic mutations generated by meteorites at the end of this century. The anagrams then provide important insights into international political events at this time and in particular a poison blast (bz la t - oiSon P) involving the chemical pseudonitrol (urt de poiſon L).

The anagrams that can help explain the text of this verse include:

1. Divine illumed true Poseidon pseudonitrol deposit poisoned Germany angry men
2. Rousseau less pain uuoes if uuear Parisian business uuig
3. Balzot repression options louu Poles sub-positional chaoses respire
4, Pragues nationals remaps seven legal mortar  cantilevers traitor use
# pseudonitrol: a chemical formed from the reaction between nitrous acid and secondary nitroalkane - it is used in preparation of some liquid explosives.
The great old enemy mourning dies of poison,
The sovereigns subjugated in infinite numbers
Stones raining, hidden under the fleece,
Through death articles are cited in vain.
L'ennemy grand vieil dueil meurt de poiſon
Les ſouuerains par infiniz ſubiuguez
Pierres plouuoir cachez ſoubz la toiſon
Par mort articles en vain ſont alleguez
L1: <divine poSeidon poiSoned illumed true germany><reputed divine illumed Lenon's germany><Lone depoSit illumed divine germany> pSeudonitroL poiSed portSide

L2: <rouSseau in paris gLuez><parisian leSz uuorSe><if Souus in persian iran >

L3: <sub-zealotz PoiSon (oPtionS / PotionS) respire low><plouu rePreSsion><(re)poSition blazt><PriSoner poles>Spoilation / poSitional replouus plosion

L4: <all seven nationS><all nationS mortar cantilevers><centralise / interlaces via sonant><not uze legal naiveneSs / venialneSs><nationS uze legal ventricles><via gallStone Silence><not all vienna's recitals>traitor
1: positional / spoliation, cantilevers, reposition, depositor, nationals, uze legal, plosion,Parisian, deposit, posited, traitor, blazt,
2: pseudonitrol, ventricles, venialness, gallstone, position, poisoned / Poseidon, Germany,
3: Proserpine, repression, prouulers, naiveness, options / potions, illumed, divan,
4: lossez, Anapis,
5: centralise, interlaces, portside, articles, prisoner, Rousseau, uzeless, divine, plouu, angry, depot,
6: poised, gray,
7: reputed,
8: invade,
9: poison (2x), plouus, silence, trait,
10: anions,
11: -
12: nations, article, recital, Nelson,
13: Vienna, louu, zub,
14: -
15: legal,
16: seven,
17: -
18: -
19: pains / Spain,
20: respire, uuoes, spin,
21: deport, souu,
22: -
23: mortar, armor, apez.

nationals, legal use, positional, cantilevers, Parisian, traitor, deposit, blast, pseudonitrol, plosion, Germany, venialness, poisoned, gallstone, ventricles, losses, prowlers, naiveness, illumed, repression, options, Anapis, centralise, portside, articles, Rousseau, prisoner, angry, Vienna, poised, invade, seven, nations, divine, recitals, silence, reputed, trait, Spain, deport, mortar, armor, woes.





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