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Nostradamus C2 Q49: Male clones fertility affected by nuclear origins
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 2 Quatrain 49  Spermatial Selection Biassed SexThe first two lines of thsi verse begin with an anagram for clones which suggests it is a critical verse for the events yet to come. In this verse it involves imbalance in the attitudes of those in power towards the different genders. It also seems to hold the same idea found in many other verses whereby the male population will be exposed to radiation that changes their fertility and their usefulness in a world offering vastly diminished resources.

The anagrams providing the basis for undertanding the text of C2 Q49 include:

1. Clones lines moon loop incloses impurer moron selection resullied empire
2.Clones querants dispute studies its elite male spermatial duties 
3. Pensaco nuclear-power bodies biassed rules Lepanto opposant petrol plant exposure role

4. real powers refer fraud fears  Sudan infused
Terre faudra les poursuiuans de fuite



C2 Q49

The advisers of the first monopoly,
The conquerors seduced for Malta:
Rhodes, Byzantium for them exposing their pole:
Land will fail the pursuers in flight.
Les conſeillers du premier monopole
Les conquerants ſeduits par la Melite
Rodes, Bisance pour leurs expoſant pole
Terre faudra les poursuiuans de fuite

Adjacent Anagrams plus Anagrams of highest merit.
Selection Order based on letter rarity, word and sequence length plus line completion

  1. <pole moon pure reds ill rime encLoSes><pole more impure reds cloSe no lineS> <moron empire reSullied pole cLones>

  2. <Male conquers parts Sustained><querants uSed its sperMatial Selection><Male rapist eLections unaSserted><elite aSsent stupid alarM><it encLose parts Male querant iSsued><quatreins-uSed Male parts seLection>

  3. <ruler pounce oppoSant Biassed sex Role><lepanto expoSures><lepanto disrobes nuclear-pouer><piscean Bodies louuer sex oppoSant Role><proue caBins plexures / repulxe>

  4. <real prouuess infused uia><a fraud><it refer feuds><sudan spurious fraud real><a fraud inuades supersoul>
1: spermatial, opposant, spurious, querants, infused,
2: nuclear-pouer, resullied, conquers, exposure, Uranius,
3: unasserted, prouulers, exposures, disrobes, dispute, biassed, studies, stupid, repool,
4: supersoul, leopards, expulser / plexures, disrobe, enloop,
5: elections / selection, recouple, prouuess, pounce, issued,
6: sustained, encloses, conquer, Lepanto, impure,
7: incloses, upstair, Pensaco, quatern, / querant, spurred, bodies, feuds,
8: Piscean,
9: sporules, bodes, reuxes, loop / pool,
10: -,
11: plot,
12: cabins, enplot, moron,
13: pits,
14: petrol, basis, rouus,
15: duties / suited,
16: rapist,
17: -,
18: fraud, rulers, pox,
19: moon,
20: enclose (2x),
21: louuer, ruler,
22: recoup, basin,
23: Sudan.

exposure, infused, spermatial, querants, opposant, nuclear-pouer, biassed, dispute, stupid, studies, resullied, conquers, Piscean, supersoul, impure, selection, Lepanto, incloses, Pensaco, spurred, upstair, bodies, moron, feuds, reuxes, petrol, pool, pits, rows, pox, fraud, basis, suited, Sudan, rulers.

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