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Nostradamus C2 Q50: Widespread natural disasters impact on wars late in this century.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


Nostradamus Verse C2 Q50 Hainault Untamed Rivers Cezans stronger tongue quietens IslamThe anagrams of this verse contains an unusual singularly occurring anagram for Cezans which is the name of a small commune near Condom in the Pyrennees mountains. Now there is a verse whose text refers to Condom and two other nearby towns, Auch and Marmande That verse is C8 Q2 and it says:

Condom and Auch and around Mirande,
I see fire from the sky which encompasses them.
Sun and Mars conjoined in Leo, then at Marmande,
lightning, great hail, a wall falls into the Garonne

However the text from C2 Q50 directs our attention to a war involving regions north of France and the understanding of these factors is enhanced by several anagram sequences in the current verse. One of these which says Aquitaine see Paris palls implies fire from the northern cities is visible in the east of Southern France while another for untamed rivers is overlain by an anagram for tsunami both of which imply a threat of floods. And these ideas reinforces patterns found in many of my papers such as Great Floods and Fire in the Sky.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Danish aged adult debated rules quells decan debt
2. Unremonstrative misadventurer augmented San Grael  untamed rivers tsunami  generalises
3. Direr funerals refusal Cezans stronger tongue resurgent urge sell cruel cure
4. Aquitaine equestrian queries quietens Persia inquest Islam men pall equips
La plaie antique ſera pis qu'ennemis
When those of Hainault Ghent and Brussels
Will see the siege laid before Langres
Behind their flanks there will be cruel wars,
The ancient wound will do worse than enemies.
Quand ceux d'hainault de Gad et de Bruxelles
Verront a Langres le ſiege deuant mis
Derrier leurs flancz ſeront guerres cruelles
La plaie antique ſera pis qu'ennemis
L1: <adult aGe had uxe in adult><deBated rulex eQuals><aGed deBt ruleX><exurB dated><and exurB Quells><danixh adult cued> anGulated

L2: <~misadVenturer enlarges tonaL Siege~><tonaL range augmented riVers iSles><Latona riVers untamed elegieS><argentaL iSles edge><generaliSes tonal misadVenturer><tsunami edge><sangraeL><regalneSs>mensuratiVe unremonstratiVe traversion revisor leSser nataL

L3: <elDers cruel resurgent zeroS><cresz funerals tongue curse err><cezanS (village near Auch, Codom, Marmande) fullers><urgent rescuer sell Direr>refusal secure recurs

L4: <aquitaine See paris palls><equestrian equipS><perSia inquest><perSia que'en mine paLlas antiqueS><isLam palatine (high-level court official) querieS apis (Bull rider) que'n><seminaL que'n>requiteS quietens praiSes
1: unremonstrative, misadventurer, mensurative, angulated, resurgent, debated, Cezans,
2: augmented, Palatine, Danixh, revisor, quells, Pallas,
3: traversion, plainsmen, rivers, Ileana,
4: generalises, tsunami,
5: funerals, Latona, quips, rescuer,
6: equestrian, Aquitaine, regalness, refusal, urgent, palls,
7: untamed, exurb,
8: quietens, requites,
9: SanGrael, inquest, dated,
10: antiques, Pasquier, tongue,
11: reurges,
12: rescue / secure,
13: elegies, equals, direr / drier,
14: equips,
15: queries, zeros, furs,
16: resiles,
17: argental, queans, adult,
18: quaeres, rulers,
19: enlarges / generals, Persias / praises, Serapis,
20:Islam, debt,
21: ruler,
22: had,
23: seminal, reuile / reliue,

unremonstrative, misadventurer, debated, Cezans, mensurative, tongue, augmented, Danish, Palatine, quells, Pallas, Ileana, traversion, plainsmen, funerals, palls, angulated, untamed, resurgent, rivers, equestrian, urgent, tsunami, rescuer, generalises, Aquitaine, Latona, regalness, quietens, SanGrael, inquest, refusal, dated, antiques, secure, argental, queans, elegies, direr, queries, equals, zeros, equips, Persias, generals, Islam, ruler, had, seminal, debt.



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