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Nostradamus C2 Q51: UK courts make crucial judgments against a religious sect.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 2 Quatrain 51 LOndon Ancient Lady Blood of Just enables Codices TechniqueThis verse has always been recognized as being about England because of the wording of its text. The anagrams for devise spear of Triton ruled suggest the verse is about events affecting the naval power of the UK.

There is an interesting anagram sequence in the first line which gives Juste d'Agen, the name of Jules of Agens' oldest son. And in C09 Q11 both these names both appear with the father's name being in the form Jules of Agen.

The text highlights the number 66 and in the context of themes in my other papers it is probable that this alludes to the year 2066.

Triton references the mythological characters of Neptune (or Poseidon) and his son Triton, the rulers of the seas. Neptune and Triton are deities that appear relatively briefly in classical literature; however, they are deemed important as controllers of the seas.

From the combination of the text and anagrams it would appear the events that change the status are based around legal issues in respect to religious sects and this sets in motion reactions by that sect around the world.

This verse complements C3 Q.70 which introduces the concept of guerilla actions arising out of a feud involving the genome of UK royals. The anagrams the current verse holds include:

1. Judge salute Leonard d'Orleans refers a safer fault Juste d'Agen foresend afar
2. Spear of Lourdes invested four overstrident Tritons less bruixes
3. Rare_technique placed each mandate quiet archer adulate  
Jeuus uuiser sect reissues codices Norse concordist deems memes
The blood of the just will commit a fault at London
Burnt through lightning of twenty threes the six:
The ancient lady will fall from her high place,
Several of the same sect will be killed.
Le ſang de juste a Londres fera faulte
Brusles par fouldres de vint trois les six
La dame antique cherra de place haute
Des meſme ſecte pluſieurs Seront occis

L1: <juste aLone defers><safer default-angLeS><judges nod refers a taLes fault><jesu taLe foresend>

L2: <Blurs spear ruled of><triton devise six less><invested trio><six overstrident rules B-less>

L3: <a Lute made a rare technique><he aduLate quiet name archer placed><hau mandate palaced taLe>

L4: <Seems concorDist reiSSues><coDices><misseD countercross><norSe uSuries> uuiSer ieuus

1: default-angles, counter-cross, overstrident, concordist, technique, codices, judges,
2: felspars, judge,
3: adulate, placed, devise,
4: repulsiue, invested, acephal, chequer, reissues, cheque, harder,
5: fault,
6: foresend, demises, Triton, defers,
7: mandate, spear-of, served, Juste,
8: chique, missed,
9: just,
10: Jude,
11: disc,
12: Roland, blurs,
13: clap,
14: paled, foul,
15: -
16: d'orleans, usuries,
17: dearer / reader / reared, Jeuus / uuise, Adam, cci,
18: leanest, rubles, 
19: uuiles, Jesu,
20: alone,
21: d'Orlean, Leonard, salute, sides,
22: Croton, uuiser, place,
23: -

UK naval power, over-strident, concordist, technique, judges, codices, devise, reissues, cheque, invested, harder, fault, fore-send, demises, spear-of, Triton, defers, Juste, mandate, Leonard, wiser, Jews, foul, usuries, d'Orlean, sides, salute, Croton, place.



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