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Nostradamus C2 Q56: N's goal is to convert meteorite hits into dates for Jesus lineage.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 2 Quatrain 56 Nostrdam Life paper on meteorites ties into Jesus Clone storyThis verse is one of several where he uses the image of fire from the sky striking the earth as markers for verses containing the goals for his prophecies. This theme is developed in more detail in my paper called Apophis. The focal point for this verse arises through the anagrams for Lucifer Apep (u ciel fr i - appe), and Nostredam life paper (iel f-rappe - e Mort dans). The text with its struck from the sky and wishing to seize the rock fits well to the theme of fallen asteroids being sought for their mineral content. The next verse C2 Q57 supports this scheme.

The anagrams from which the central message of this Prophecy can be rebuilt include:

1. Queer step elevating legates alive refined Caneus caus
2. Nostredam life paper prompted Ysus deceitful parentdom commuted
3. Babe armour rare uvand ??
4. Rafuna frag'le clues evil ovulant grant paper Apep cure
One whom neither plague nor steel knew how to finish
Death on the summit of the hills struck from the sky
The abbot will die when he will see ruined
Those of the wreck wishing to seize the rock.
Que peſte et glaiue n'a ſceu definer
Mort dans le puys ſommet du ciel frappe
L'abbe mourra quand verra ruiner
Ceux du naufrage l'eſcueil voulant grapper.

Adjacent Anagrams plus Anagrams of highest merit. ( ~ means full line used)
Selection Order based on letter rarity, word and sequence length plus line completion

  1. <Queer Step define cauSe> <enQuire caeneuS feud><cauSed refine Steep eleuating><eleuating refined cues><finer gaulite unceaSed>
  2. <life paper commuted dorMant ySus ><pulse><lucifer apep dorMant pulse><paper deceitful planes dormant><~a rifle proMpted ySuS planes commuted~><poeM strand><euclid met moSSuy planes><l'nostredaM life paper commuted><planes parentdoM
  3. <rarer armour be ruinabLe><vnder aqua><rabbLe armour rarer ruin>
  4. <olive clueS><paper grant><evil age clueS><rafuna><apep far uuand / dauun exCur><large uuarfundx evil cues><funeral-ages cue>reduCex
1: deceitful, uuar-fundx, commuted, prompted, ,
2: parentdom, eleuating, dormants, refined, dauun / uuand,
3: l'Nostredame, life_paper, bramble, unceased, Babel,
4: praepuce, Lucifer, enquire, mossy,
5: Gaulite, ruinable, leauing, unagile, rabble, ebb,
6: dormant, strand,
7: ovulant, Caeneus, Rafuna, muted,
8: ductile, ligate, define, babe,
9: Nostredam, memos,
10: caused,
11: legate, rifle, Ysus,
12: Quaran,
13: -
14: fiend, refine, rarer,
15: vnder,
16: refail, Lepuy, aqua,
17: Euclid, regales, olive, eagle,
18: seduce, excur, liner,
19: reducex, infer / finer,
20: -
21: educt,
22: creep,
23: linear, poem.

Nostradamus, life paper, commuted, deceitful, war-funds, prompted, queer step, elevating, parentdom, enquire, Lucifer, Aapep, Jesus, dormant, ovulant, strand, Nostredam, muted. memos, define, Rafuna, babe, Quaran, caused, rifle, fiend, under, Euclid, seduce.

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