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Nostradamus C2 Q60: The input of the people of the Garonne into the emerging future.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 2 Quatrain 60 Coregent fatalism sees Roslyne Amalfi marry a Mafia army paganiserThe second line of this verse tells us what to look for to define its focus since it lists the names of a series of rivers and implies these are to undergo change. In the anagrams Garonne (angeron / nageron) appears in two lines in different forms and this is a river that flows through Agen where Nostradamus spent some of his most formative years. In the fourth line where there is one of these occurrences there is also one for presage and it forms a sequence saying I presage Agens class (Claſſ - e eſparg - i - e ſang). Within easy walking distance from Agen lay the kingdom of Nerac where the enlightened Queen Marguerite of Navarre had her court. The story then develops a cloning theme which in turn implies the process starts along the rivers mentioned in this verse.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Petronium importuner puny foal of Queen Quince
2. Garonne grant Judd eery gate changer lone duet stored
Amalfi fatalism uuaqen Mafia armies raper
4. Paganisers co-parents signage Agens castles presage on Garonne
Claſſe eſpargie ſang et corps nageront
# Petronium: derivant form of Bodrum,  hospitaller castle built in 15th century.
Amalfi (Knights Hospitaller): region on east coast of Italy - from it came an order of Knights  Hospitaller who founded medical facility at Bodrum castle.
paragenesis: used in geology for rock layers but  can be applied to twinning.
saprogen: a plant or animal that can cause decay
The Punic faith broken in the East,
Ganges Jordan Rhone Loire and Tagus changed
When the hunger of the mule will be satiated,
Fleet sprinkles, blood and bodies will swim.
La foy Punicque en Orient rompue
Grand Jud et Rosne Loyre et Tag changeront
Quand du mulet la faim ſera repue
Claſſe eſpargie ſang et corps nageront
L1: <On importuner Leaf><quince One uP importuner><Or petronium (Hospitaller castle) queen ic (99) Puny foaL>

L2: <Jude soRt change Lone eery Tag> <Grant garonne noRse royeL dutjed><Lone detouRs eery><untJed norSe Grant royeL-Target change><orange Grant><norSe hang rontgen LoTtery-cage><chang Loosen eery Targ-et><rosLyne detouR>negro anger

L3: <mule fataliSm uuaQen rare dud><marrieS dud mule fatal><flat aimS are pure><mafia tell> <pure armieS fatal><Amalfi (on Italian coast near Naples) let pure Quean eraS>

L4: <garonne crops get parageneSiS SCaleS><~paganiSer See agens crop ClaSS get torn~> <i preSage co-reagents saprogen claSS><Coregnant agent SealS grapeS crops><i preSage agens coparentS negro ClaSS><crops agent not SpaCeleSS range> <negateS><cogent aegiS repaSSeS> eaSing cognate Signage nogaret sprang
1: Petronium, coregnant, unmuddle, fatalism, cognate, cogent,
2: puny,
3: importuner, premount, spaceless, signage, Mafia, fatal,
4: paragenesis, paganisers, orpiment, saprogen, Roselyne, Amalfi,
5: paganiser,
6: marries,
7: Roslyne, presages,
8: coparents, unsorted, Rontgen, 
9: Quince, sprang, loosen, plume, grasp,
10: Jude,
11: presage, flat, eery,
12: negates,
13: pangs, alfa,
14: Nogaret, detours, uuaqen,
15: Garonne (2x),
16: rearms,
17: Aegis,
18: repasses,
19: -
20: -
21: Queen,
22: foal,
23: crops, dud.

Petronium, coregnant, fatalism, cognate, puny, importuner, premount, spaceless, signage, Mafia, fatal, saprogen, paganisers, orpiment, paragenesis, Roselyne, presages, marries, Amalfi, Rontgen, Quince, coparents, Jude, sprang, loosen, eery, plume, Garonne, crops, flat, waken, Aegis, Queen, rearms.



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