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Nostradamus C02 Q61: Riverside ports adversely affected by local industry and monetary collapse.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


Nostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q61 Astrogony Belarus epochs finest phoneticsThe text of this verse focuses on rivers and their ports but the action underpinning them is typically ambiguous. The anagrams remedy this absence to a large degree and they suggest that it is actually to do with the onset of water-born diseases.

The tenor for this comes from anagrams such as   cholera (la Roche), germinations related / altered (e Tamins Giron - de et la R), fumatories (e au fort mi), hospices (eſche Poi), infest (intes f), and aponeurotomy (oy en mort au). The reason why it affects places alongside ports and rivers is to do with trade involving the production and supply of chemicals.


The anagrams providing this guidance include monetary (y en mort a), breaches (a breſche), chaoses (ſche O Sa), money (y en mo), deflator (ort de la f), nitrogenised (ins Gironde et), chlorate (t la Rochel), drugman (u grand m), farmout (au fort m). The combined tale of text and anagrams is again consistent with the biological impact of objects from the heavens changing the evolution of lifeforms in the seas of the world, a theme that renders sensible a vast number of seemingly meaningless verse.


The anagrams that form the basis for this verse include:

1. Cholera origins related nitrogenised chlorate modernising germinations
2. Astrogony monetary money aponeurotomy forestalled chaoses
3. Direr relief fuel auue for elder fumatories timeless leeches
4. Phonetics breaches named truer  epoch finest refuges Belarus
Pointes feu grand meurtre ſus la breſche
# Astrogony: the theory of the evolution of heavenly bodies.
fumatories: relating to smoking or fumigation.
# aponeurotomy: operation on tissues involved in binding muscles together and holding them to bones.
Bravo, ye of Tamins, Gironde and La Rochelle:
O Trojan blood! Death at the port of the arrow
Behind the river the ladder put to the fort,
Points to fire great murder on the breach.
Euge Tamins Gironde et la Rochele
O ſang Troy en mort au port de la fleſche
Derrier le fleuue au fort miſe l'eſchele
Pointes feu grand meurtre ſus la breſche
L1: <~nitroGenised Eel choleRa muTage~><gaTe modernisinG chloRate><echo Related / alteRed GerminaTions><maTe oriGins><he Relocated GerminaTions><rimeGianTs (in Norse legend) Real echo noted><choleRa denote risinG muTage><MiGrations Related> oriented GianTism

L2: <echO deflateS moneTary tupor]><chOSe granT falSe money droplet><echO foreStalled money granTS><chOSe aSTrogeny deflate><So granT aponeurotomy (needle treatment for stiffness in te hand)>

L3: <feel uuaue leecheD timeleSS four><fumatorieS (smoke particles) fleuu><relief erreD><uue feel michel-SeeS Drier / Direr lieS farmout>

L4: <belaruS Phonetics named truer refuges><bear finest ePoch reSult><reSult infest bearS ePoch><uSes Speech into drugman truer fees><belaruS'S truer hosPice named><Po breacheS infest reSults>

1: aponeurotomy, germinations, nitrogenised, modernising, forestalled, fumatories, astrogony, phonetics, uurestlers, mintages, rising, origins,
2: semiflorets, tracheole, chlorate, chelator, monetary, hospice, breaches, farmout, mintage, mutage,
3: relocated, deflator, timeless, relocate, droplet, chaoses, choral, epochs, results, refuges, Romney,
4: negatory, Belarus,
5: relief,
6: astrogeny, undreamt, leeches, infest / finest, reeled,
7: speech,
8: unarmed, iceless, grins, fell,
9: prechose, ignored / Gironde / negroid, epoch,
10: drugman, cholera, money, leuee,
11: Nogarets, denote, fall, hope,
12: trim,
13: oriented, altered / related, cheers, surest, direr / drier,
14: Nogaret, detours, uuaqen,
15: Horace,
16: chose, redone, false / fleas,
17: Aegis,
18: Reuters, Timor, elated, Sauls,
19: brand,
20: inmates,
21: deport, fetes,
22: -,
23: -,

aponeurotomy, germinations, nitrogenised, fumatories, modernising, forestalled, astrogony, rising, phonetics, farmout, chlorate, hospice, breaches, monetary, deflator, timeless, epochs, relocated, chaoses, Belarus, refuges, relief, results, drugman, leuee, cholera, droplet, money.



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