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Nostradamus C2 Q64: New gene sciences allow an Essene sect to fulfill the dreams of Christian superstition.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q64 Biogenesy assuage superstition of Jesus bone usage There are substantive links between this verse and C2 Q62 for both refer to hand, thirst and hunger and the text of one matches the anagram of Geneva found in the other. The earlier verse details the events that start the genomic mutation that sees the end of man.

In this current verse there is a forensic case that can be presented for this same story. There are for instance anagrams for royal Jesus  Josef, bone, lamb and uprises. Then there are the clusters of anagrams that say modifies gent genes and biogenesy oral superstition resemblant and these hint that a new process takes material form in a manner suggested by myths.

The anagrams that add flesh to the skeleten supplied by the text include:

1. Feared Josef aim modifies gent gene outseeing Reich

2. Prior chain vein driven spore aura failed rise

3. Jesus biogenesy Essenoi superstition resemblant royal uprise

4. Respondent usages portends speculative capilliculture scales assuager pardon

# biogenesis: creation of life from another living thing as distinct from non-living material.
capilliculture: Treatment to cure or prevent baldness.
Essenoi: ancient name for Essenes - the name bestowed on sects holding mystic, messianic, ascetic, eschatological views.

The people of Geneva drying up with hunger, with thirst
Hope at hand will come to fail:
On the point of trembling is law of him of Gebenoise
Fleet at the great port cannot be received.
Seicher de faim de ſoif gent Geneuoiſe
Eſpoir prochain viendra au defaillir
Sur point tremblant ſera loy Gebenoiſe
Classe au grand port ne ſe peut acuillir.

Throughout my examination of the prophecies I show there is a foundation for several consistent stories one of which is the tale of a sect that believes that the lineage of Christ has been perputuated since the time of crucifixion and that one one of these Essenian-like sects sets out to resurrect Christ using modern genetic science and the DNA found in ancient relics.

In themselves this evidence builds a small story but the strength and veracity of that tale cannot lie solely in its own content for my process has the limitations of all small pockets of data. But as these details fit to that in other verses in a consistent way it allows a judgement to be made that they are not the product of chance alone but are part of the message Nostradamus felt compelled to pass on.

L1: <outSeeinG doeS feign aim freed ><feared gent modifieS gene><defer So if aimed><fed amid herecieS>

L2: <vain prophoric (enunciative) riSE ill aura fade><china pilloriES prior invader><prior pErils failed><a SilliEr feud><flailed prioriES crop>

L3: <~bioGeneSy (creation from basic genes) oral SuperStition reSemblant~><royal bioGenes eruptionS reSemblant><~reSemblant byeGone oral SuperStition~> <royal ieSuS begone><bone upriSeS into lamb aleGory>< eSSenoi beg blame royal ur Sent><term SeriouS point>

L4:<a reSpondent argue Capilliculture (hair.growth)><ran portenDs usages> <Classier centuries-populate><Speculatiue portend an assuager (soothing verse)><preSent acute><acute ill>
1: biogenesy, capilliculture, superstition, speculatiue, prophoric, modifies, dechifer, biogenes, priories, begone, feign,
2: resemblant, pillories,
3: respondent, Arcesilaus, outseeing, semblant, entongue,
4: eruptions, classier, portend, disfame, assuager, assuage, Essenoi,
5: alegory, sillier,
6: tremblant, portends, Triton, Iesous (2x), prior, amid,
7: -,
8: flailed, spiller, serious, 
9: -,
10: spoiler,
11: failed, Arnaud, usages,
12: -
13: Antares, aimed / Midea,
14: uprises, 
15: lamb,
16: modes, drop,
17: argues, Josef, pond, Jesus / issue, been,
18: present / serpent,
19: blame, acute,
20: China / chain, defer / freed,
21: marble,
22: herd,
23: -,

biogenesy, capilliculture, modifies, Essenoi, speculative, superstition, portend, eruptions, bygone, biogenes, resemblant, Jesus, bone, Essene, respondent, outseeing, eruptions, assuage, uglier, lamb, uprises, amid, serious, usages, tremblant, flailes, Antares, aimed, modes. Josef, pond, present, blame, China, freed, herd.



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