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Nostradamus C2 Q66: The profanities behind the chaos at the end of the 21stC.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q66 Asteroid particles change a grandpas DNAThe text of this verse has a theme of omens and fortune which is to be found in the anagrams through, Fortuna (a fortun), the Latin Goddess of Fate, augur (augur) meaning an ancient diviner, and Aapep (ape Pa) the Egyptian goddess who embodies chaos.


The anagrams change the context of the captive mentioned in the first line of text since the anagrams for Aapep chiefs particles (iers le capt -if esch -ape P) and if pact releasing (angiers le - capt -if) imply a non-human form of captive such as electrons or frozen genetic material are freed. Such a conclusion is reinforced by anagrams found in the next verse C2 Q67.

The story that emerges from the combination of the text and the anagrams places this verse in the period at the end of this century which Nostradamus foresaw as being a time of religious battle followed by a release of agents affecting the evolution of man.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Aapep readings fit places chiefs sacrilege particles appear
2. Fortuna change fecundator DNA and depute each gene of grandpa
3. A
llies planes lands supplies parade attest Peleus estate testate
4. Castile Baron uurangle easiest peerage  born
Par bon augure la cite aſſiegee
# Fortuna: name of Roman Goddess of Luck- one of the three Moiras or Fates.
# Aapep: the ancient Egyptian deity who embodied chaos.
# Peleus: Gk legendary hero - fathered Achilles by his sea-nymph wife Thetis.
fecundator: one who impregnates or fertilises.
Through great dangers the captive escaped
In a short time great his fortune changed.
In the palace the people are trapped,
Through good omen the city besieged.
Par grans dangiers le captif eschape
Peu de temps grand a fortune changee
Dans le palais le peuple eſt attrape
Par bon augure la cite aſſiegee.
L1: <gained firstplace cephas reaP><gained particles chafes paPer><replicates chiefs aapeP><Paper chase places readings fit><spectral chiefs aPpear><releasing pact><replaces gain fit Paper chase><releasing cap cephas fit><fit places reign>appeach clergies cheap sacrilege

L2: <grandpas fortune><duPe meet grasp gene><fecundator hang><counter fad sprang>
L3: <peleus sailplane pelateS patter><tatterS esplanaDe><lands patter><eState part><teState raPed><ape lanDs allies><planes Depart / parteD eState>

L4: A<baron SalacitieS (obscenities) uuager Peerage><augur born><i clear eAsieSt uuagon><article bar SeaS uuagon> <uurangle rob aPe>siegeS greuu
1: testate, fecundator, peerage, salacities, esplanade,
2: clergies, sacrilege, uurangle, tatters, easiest, uuagon, firstplace,
3: particles, sailplane, 
4: replicates, readapt,
5: sceptral, appeach, Fortuna,
6: grandpas, chiefs,
7: fortune,
8: parcels, places, parade, repage, guru,
9: releasing, sprang, grasp,
10: -
11: replaces,
12: article / recital,
13: augur,
14: chafes, allies, estate,
15: sieges, Aapep,
16: -
17: Cephas, gained, resign / reigns / singer, fad,
18: chaps, heap,
19: -
20: patter, cheap,
21: Baron, alias, greuu,
22: uuager, place,
23: alia,

fecundator, salacities, sacrilege, clergies, recital, tatters, augur, appeach, esplanade, places, wagon, parade, replicates, Baron, alias, peerage, testate, wrangle, allies, estate, Fortuna, readapt, grandpas, spectral, fortune, chiefs, guru, releasing, Aapep, easiest, particles, parcels, grasp.


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