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Nostradamus C2 Q67: The letters 's', 'x', 'b' used for meter indicating non-military battles.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse follows on from the previous verse by adding detail of the chaos-causing events that take place as we approach the end of this century. It involves the use of space materials used for the purpose of war and focuses on the financial turmoil in the West that benefits those of the Middle East. But its anagrams also develop the use of ciphers by emphasising the different sounds that can be used for war depending on its nature.

The anagrams that add flesh to the skeleton supplied by the text include:

olden noble unease for frozen chivre [cipher] commandeer letter 'B"
Le blonde au nez forche viendra commettre

chasers pleasured heard horse duel paler crashes harassed hordes elect
Par le duelle et chassera dehors

Letters Es Ex deadliness deafens Edda's fans reframe safer meter
Les exiles dedans fera remettre

USA wiles use marks in comments for latent planets  pulses.
Aux lieux marins commettant les plus fors

The blond one will come to compromise the fork-nosed
Through the duel and will chase him out
The exiles within he will have restored,
Committing the strongest to the marine places.
Le blonde au nez forche viendra commettre
Par le duelle et chassera dehors
Les exiles dedans fera remettre
Aux lieux marins commettant les plus fors
L1: <recommendative olden trebLe><chore vein draco Letteremm><overchief dracon Letteremm><overchief commandeer> <Letter e/b/m/emm><commander undoable Letter frozen><commander letter hive denebola><dracon Letter emm undoable>

L2: <herod Pleasured><elect harassed hero Pleasured><~rho teaches ll Pleasured redsea~><Paler horse duel harassed elect><a horde shares><Pharos (Egypt) ruled><cheats headers/ adheres><hoarders chases /sachets rhodes crashes cash

L3: <sex reframe deadliness><deadliness fear><rare deafness>~lxi (61 59) see Letter reframe deadness~><fear saddens exiles><letter e/m>

L4: <latent / talent comment><for usA pulses><usA for psellus xli (41)><microns met> <ursA fouls planets><uxe narcism>spelt
1: recommendative, overchief, comments, undoable, letter emm, Denebola, letter be,
2: commandeer, commander, microns, harassed, narcism, frozen,
3: deadlines,
4: hoarders, reframe,
5: nobled, comma, header / adhere,
6: deadliness, Alexius, adheres / sheared, Hecate, Marx,
7: letter em (2x), Pharos, deafens, 
8: Psellus, treble, hive,
9: teaches, Herod, 
10: deadness, sachets / scathes, talents,
11: planets, Sciron,
12: resettle, Draco,
13: exiles, exile,
14: pleasured, shares,
15: heard,
16: hordes / Herods / Rhodes,
17: saddens, amuxe, 
18: latent / talent, Eddas,
19: noble, coma,
20: head,
21: chasers / crashes, letters, chaste / cheats / scathe, chats,
22: Redseas, cheat / teach, spelt, rebel,
23: -

overchief, recommendative, comments, letter emm, undoable, commander, narcism, commandeer, frozen, microns, harassed, hoarders, reframe, deadliness, Alexius, Hecate, Marx, Psellus, Pharos, deafens, hive, teaches, Herods, talents, treble, deadness, resettle, planets, Draco, exile, saddens, noble, latent, cheats, crashes, shares, pleasured, Redseas, rebel.


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