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Nostradamus C2 Q70: An extreme Christian regime punishes women in the late 21stC
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q70 Maimon and Montanism religious cults cause womens birth rights to be curtailedThe text of this verse places it in the period when objects fall from the sky and nuclear material impacts human health and social reactions. The stone in the tree together the reference to 'human monster' provides the sumbols for radiation-induced mutation. This places the events at the end of this century which is a time defined by a very large number of Nostradamus' verses.

In the is verse the anagrams that provide the principal focal points are pure Montanism (main monſt - re pu) and maimon ( main mon) since these identify a particular style of Christian sect that seeks to impose a conservative view of morality on the populace and women in particular. The text suggests such a group comes to power and imposes an extremely harsh conservative regime upon the populace.

The anagrams providing the framework for greater understanding of this verse include:

1. Euclid fear life reason tuned notes dual-dread resonates
2.  Consortium prisonment grand-paternal danger executed motion monitors moonrise
3. Regent unrelented afebrile gene endure leaner repair
4. Montanism Maimon purest urge expiate uuoman-birth purest obtain
# Montanism: An early Christian sect with parallels to Pentecostalism, the charismatic movement and New Apaostolic Reformation.
Maimon: A person capable of arguing when facing real, logical arguments against his statement, and may or may not possess any arguments at all of his own.
The dart from the sky makes its extension,
Deaths speaking: great execution.
The stone in the tree the proud nation restored,
Noise, human monster, purge expiation.
La dard du ciel fera ſon eſtendue
Mors en parlant grande execution
La pierre en l'arbre la fiere gent rendue
Bruit humain monſtre purge expiation

L1: <euclid fearS><life end reSonateS><feel ornateneSS due><luciferaSe (bioluminescent oxidative enzymes) deaL enstoned><tuned SeaSon relief><feel reaSonS tuned><euclid tuned falSer ones>

L2:<unexotic grandee><Monitors pen exudence><Moonrise executed><exceed grant>grand-parental consortiuM person granted Motion

L3: <unreLated / unaLtered riper barrel gene afire><dueL enabler repair real regent fire> <irrreferable leaner gent endure><regent learn endure afebrile (no fever) ><regent endure rarefiable><repair unreLented><fire turned real gene enabler><barrel genre fail>

L4:<maimonS (evil spirit> Born uuith it><i oBtain priSonment expurge (right to purge)><it expurge innermoSt uuoman-birth><purer montaniSm (2ndC purist Christian sect)> pureSt manSion

1: grand-paternal, uuoman-birth, Montanism, irreferable, Luciferase, rarefiable, unrelented, uuith, exceed,
2: consortium, prisonment, execution, monitors, moonrise, afebrile, fabrile, expurge, Maimon, execute,
3: unexotic, obtain, enabler,
4: unentered, exudence, expiate,
5: innermost, resonates, mansion, relief,
6: ornateness, unrelated / unaltered,
7: executed, learner, barrel, Bruno, purge,
8: monitor,
9: Petrus / purest, falser,
10: reputes,
11: motion, burn,
12: planar, moron,
13: Alferes, onsets / stones,
14: pix,
15: -,
16: sermon, refail,
17: Euclid, turned, purer,
18: -,
19: treasons, norms, moon,
20: reasons, hut.

grand-paternal, woman-birth, exceed, purest, Montanism, unrelented, with, consortium, prisonment, monitors, execution, moonrise, afebrile, Maimon, execute, obtain, expurge, unexotic, exudence, inner-most, relief, monitor, spiral, barrel, moron, reputes, motion burn.

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