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Nostradamus C2 Q72: A league is destined to leave pasture land of Europe in ruin.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q72 Jean de Bernuy's interest lay in the intervention of the fates in the outcome of warThis and the next two verses are united by anagram references to birds such as penguin (in this verse) oyster birds in C2 Q73 and an eagle in C2 Q74 yet as in this verse such references seem out of context with the verse's visible message and requires that much of the European land-mass be under the oceans. In fact the anagrams for this particular verse can only be seen to have helped explain its content after it occurs if at all. There are anagrams for Agios ( is o Ga) and Peter ( e pert / te Pers) with the first being a term that that designates a saint. When considered with the anagrams for Nicene (ne ince) and shrine ( heſin R) we are given a metaphor for religious revision of the legend of Christ.

The anagrams underpinning the understanding of this verse include:

1. Inequitate Queen alive see cemeterial evil
2. Flection detracting Peter pretend repented spears setout
3. Moirae infamous neorealism rule Europe proleague repel Agios soul
4. Bernui's pertinence used the shrine icon upon Nicene epicentre
Pres du Theſin Rubicon pugne incerte

# Moirae: Three sisters of fate in Greek mythology- Clotho (spinner), Lachesis (allotter) and Atropus (unturnable)
# Agios: Greek word used to imply masculine gender of Saint or Sacred object
inequitate: to ride over or through.
Celtic army vexed in Italy
On all sides conflict and great loss
Romans fled, O Gaul repelled!
Near the Ticino, Rubicon uncertain battle.
Armee Celtique en Italie vexee
De toutes pars conflict et grande perte
Romains fuis o Gaule repoulſee
Pres du Theſin Rubicon pugne incerte.
L1: <CemeteriAl queen iT xee alive><xee CemeteriAl quieten evil / vile><Inequitate evil><eleCt equine><Inate lie quite /quiet vex> <xee rACeme alive><inaTe evil>

L2: <touteD spears conflicts granted><granted peter inflect><pastures conflict><~peter touteD scrapes granted flection~><peter touteD apes detracting><touteD apes scorn> <upset end to Deter target><pretenD great><danger petereD out><clattering petered>parented

L3: <infamous leprouS euloGias /oil-uSage><europe neoRealiSm><leperouS moiRa fusions><proleaGue amino fusions><oR so main sufi proleaGue See><repel Soul>

L4: <beRnuiS pouncing ePicenter / Pericenter><The Sin used Percent penguin icon Rub><used The RuinS><iS The Preused icon buRn><She Rub icon in Peter dusT><rusTed ShRine Pertinence>nibiRu nicene
1: pouncing, neorealism, pertinence, pericentre, infamous, percent, Nibiru,
2: detracting, clattering, inequitate, cemeterial, proleague, epicenter, fusions, penguin,
3: target, shrine, Agios,
4: petered,
5: repented, Moirae, Moerae,
6: conflicts, pastures,
7: -
8: quieten, Nicene,
9: flection, scorn,
10: Bernuis, pretend, touted,
11: ruins, upset, burn,
12: parented,
13: equine,
14: Seth,
15: eulogias/ oil-usage, leperous, Sufi,
16: -
17: -
18: pasture, dust,
19: upon,
20: hut,
21: quilt, center / centre / recent, Queen,
22: conflict, Europe, outed, avile / alive,
23: panderer, relose,

neorealism, infamous, pertinence, detracting, percent, Nibiru, clattering, inequitate, pouncing, proleague, cemeterial, epicenter, fusions, target, penguin, shrine, Agios, petered, repented, Moirae, conflicts, quieten, pastures, Nicene, flection, scorn, pretend, burn, touted, ruins, upset, equine, eulogias, Sufi, leperous, dust, upon, hut, quilt, recent, Europe, conflict, outed, Queen, alive, panderer, relose.


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