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Nostradamus C2 Q74: A new species fights man for their place in the universe.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q74  d'Alecon Edessan Overture announced at PyrmontThis and the previous two verses are united by anagram references to birds such as penguin in C2 Q72, oyster birds in C2 Q73 and an eagle in this verse. The eagle in this verse is a metaphor for an airborn spy and this word is found as an anagram pair in the second line saying spy reseen ( s Py - renees). There is another cluster of metaphor-forming anagrams which say Norse Jotun wakes ( ont ju - ſques au - Roſne) and part of its strength comes from the Jotun being mythological frost-giants in the Norse tales called the Prose Edda and Poetic Edda.

Their inclusion in this prophecy fits to the story line found in much of Nostradamus work whereby two different species of man, an old and a new variant, must come to grips with the emergence of the new. The foregoing conclusions are enhanced by the imagery of three crowns in the preceding verse (C2 Q73) as these crowns used as symbols in Denmark and Sweden can represent the three original Nordic races. The import of this allusion is that it implies the near future evolution of humankind may see a new species competing with us for dominance of the Earth.

The anagrams supporting these concepts include:

1. Norse Edessan seed vuant Nordien Undine Jotun uuakes
2. True verse lesser omens Pyrmonts serene syntrope  arouses Europes purpose
3. Integrators alarmed Alencon marq announced Nogarets elegant Eagle
4. UUiser metre grants Auriga star repeats in Serpentaria
Par terre et mer ſuiura a grans trainees
# Undine: elemental being associated with water.
Jotun: Frost giants in Norse Edda's alongside the Aesir and Vanir.
From Sens & Autun they come as far as the Rosne
To pass beyond the Pyrenees mountains
The nation to leave the Mark of Anconne
By land and sea it will be followed by great suites
De ſens d'Autun viendront juſques au Roſne
Pour paſſer outre vers les monts Pyrenees
La gent ſortir de la Marque d'Anconne
Par terre et mer ſuiura a grans trainees
L1: <edeSsAn enDS aRouse><uuaqes noRSe jotunS (Norse ancient giants) DeAdneSs><enDoRSeS ends usa uuAnt juntoS driven><Sensed juSt uuant SounDeR sea driven on><aRSenous SeeD daunts><send neeDS RouSsea uuant>Sudanese suueaR

L2: <~Pyrmonts overtureS seen aS lesser Purpose~><arouSeS solemn Purpose pryest reverts><solemn verse><syntroPe seen><paSS euroPes revelerS route><Pyres / yPres seen><routeS revelers pour not aS sPy Preseen>

L3: <integratorS Medal><Medal Announced eagLe arq><Marq Announced trioS eLegant deal><angLe cAnon alarM diStorter><cAnon entangLes><eLegant cAnnon><or tired agentS alarM>aLencon Male alarMed

L4: <Sumer auriga><meter rePeaters trains uuiSer / uSer><arsenites aura rang><i rang serPentarias Sumer aura><trainee meter Parts err><uuiSer meter rang serPentaire star>
1: overtures, Serpentaire star,
2: announced, Auriga,
3: integrators, Serpentaria, Serpentaire, distorter, Sudanese, revelers,
4: endorses, uuant,
5: entangles, genitors, arsenites, Rousseau, Alencon, purpose, cannon, junto / Jotun,
6: entangle, reverts,
7: arsenous, dilater, marq,
8: Pyrmonts, daunts,
9: poynters / syntrope, alarmed, revert, just,
10: deadness,
11: Nogarets, repeaters, Edessan, muster, jut,
12: canon,
13: tangles, levers / revels,
14: sounder, dirt,
15: uuares / suuear / uuears,
16: reroutes, arouses (2x), endorse, aqueus / uuaqes, sensed, spry,
17: pyres / respy / preys, aegle /eagle,
18: elegant, reroute, trainee, sends,
19: Europes,
20: arsenite,
21: terms,
22: uuiser,
23: -

overtures, announced, Serpentaire star, Auriga, want, syntrope, integrators, Sudanese, revelers, endorses, distorter, entangles, Rousseau, Alencon, purpose, arsenites, arsenous, cannon, dilater, reverts, Pyrmonts, mark, daunts, repeaters, Edessan, Jotun, alarmed, just, muster, deadness, tangles, sounder, dirt, arouses, Europes, wiser, terms, sensed, wakes, elegant, eagle, preys, trainee, endorse.


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