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Nostradamus C2 Q76: Birth of a child condemned as black magic by a local church official.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 The anagrams in this bring out its story by the use of both allusion and direct reference. The anagrams for Peneus ( ues ne p) and Parcas ( ra cas p) imply that this event is that of a birth in a seaport ( as porte) near the head of a river while that for Sacristan ( nat ſacriſ) tells us that the Sexton mentioned in  the text is the officer responsible for protecting the sacred nature of the church and its artifices ( criſte fait). The conclusion that this verse involves a birth involving black magic relies on the tone of the text and the links the verse has with those around it. this is illustrated by anagrams for Cyprianus (black magic grimoire) and the second of the three for Parca's (fate goddess of birth) as found in the next verse C2 Q77.

The anagrams of greatest import to understanding this verse include:

 Fox endure genno[s] fear Parca's seaport portent captors use bourgeon
Foudre en Bourgongne fera cas portenteux

reequip aquifer range conning queens Peneus our Parque trio (fates) ratify
Que par engin oncques ne pourroit faire

sectarians fairest artifices Fates use biotite (mica) exulted natures
De leur ſenat ſacriſte fait boiteux

Savior sexennium annexure Islam fails inflames fair fire farces
Fera ſcauoir aux ennemis l'affaire

# Peneus: a Thessalian river God- one of the three thousand rivers (Potamoi).
Parca: One of the three Roman goddesses of fate whose responsibility was for the oversight of birth as the baby separated from its mother.
# Sacristan: Officer responsible for ensuring the well-being of the Church and its religious property.
Lightning in Bourgongne will create portentous events,
One which could never have been done by skill,
Sexton made lame by their senate
Will make the affair known to the enemies
Foudre en Bourgongne fera cas portenteux
Que par engin oncques ne pourroit faire
De leur ſenat ſacriſte fait boiteux
Fera ſcauoir aux ennemis l'affaire
L1: <caesar portent><seaport farce><Fox endure seaport tune><endure rotten uxe oF caspar / parcas><rude arc Bourgeon (flourishes) as portent oF rude uxe><Captors fear><portent uxe rode Bone oF ur as our gong> pastor enrobed tenet

L2: <~po fioritura (florid embellishment) conning queens Queer rape><regina reeQuip><queens reign pour aQuifer on ape riots><afire>peneus (river god)

L3: <it uxe raciStS unreleaSeD fate><~SectarianS feaSt rule biotite uxeD~><S natureS artificeS><it exuDe neat rules as criSt><ratifieS / faireSt actS><it aScertainS rule fateS exuDe><fate reuSe SacriStan> Satan exulteD Strife Deluxe biota

L4: <islam annexure><fails men><Fears inflames afire><caeSar affair>sexennium (6yrs cycle)
1: fioritura, bourgeon, underrobe, ratifies, annexure,
2: biotite, burgeon, exulted, 
3: ascertain(s) / sectarian(s), sacristan, inflames, conning, racists, enrobed, affair, Caspar / Parca's,
4: sexennium, artifices, rarefies, refaces, gong,
5: unreleased, captors, Creatans, fox,
6: portents, fairest / Sefirat, Peneus,
7: portent, strife, Bruno, 
8: coparents, Patterson,
9: aquifer,
10: fails,
11: reequip, seaport, refire,
12: caesura, pastor, queens, Caesar (2x),
13: racist,
14: reaping,
15: Burgo, Crist, farce, feast / fates,
16: repour,
17: duetx, been,
18: -
19: -
20: Islam, 
21: -
22: caps, fate,
23: seminal, deluxe.

sexennium, fioritura, bourgeon, ratifies, annexure, sectarians, pastor, exulted, enrobed, Sacristan, inflames, conning, racists, affair, rarefies, Parca's, biotite, artifices, fates, fairest, fox, portents, refaces, Creatans, gong, Peneus, strife, Bruno, Patterson, unreleased, captors, reequip, seaport, aquifer, reaping, farce, Islam, repour, caps, queens, Caesar, fails.

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