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Nostradamus C2 Q78: The monster spawned from laboratories on the Isle d'If.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q79 Marseilles Isle d'If site of gigantesque beast before  fort replaced farmThe anagrams in this verse provide a strong but strange link to an island a few kilometers offshore from Marseilles ( earm les Iſl). There is an anagram for the city itself but there is also a sequence for Isle d'If rearm ( dif -rearm - les I). Now this isle would have been well known to Nostradamus in his youth for it is the place where a rhinocerus was located in an interrupted sea voyage in the first part of the sixteenth century. As he grew older he would have known that the French king was having that island fortified to protect France from the maritime powers of its enemies.

But the anagrams also link to an earlier thread in C2 Q74 where the name Jotun can be found. This was the Nordic name for a third race of human-like creatures and they were giants who were considered to be somewat smelly, mutant monsters by the other two races. In the current verse we have several descriptive anagrams that relate to these properties. These include pungent ( gent Pun) and giantesque (i que et ſang). The modern story then is shaped by this knowledge to tell how one newly emerged species of monsters begins in the Marseilles region through material from the depths of the seas. This material impacts all around the Mediterranean as a result of a sects experimentation with genetic cloning.

The anagrams underpinning the understanding of this verse include:

1. Proof proud male fondled enlarged pen upturned
2. Unique giantesque pungent edge equates Louisa smiles
3. Less pagans if group alert Marseilles Isle d'if rearm
4. Coequal pulse pulls calm quinary cult
Great Neptune from the depth of the sea
With Punic race and Gallic blood mixed.
The Isles bled, because of the tardy rowing
More harm it does him than the ill-concealed sect
Le grand Neptune du profond de la mer
De gent Punique et ſang Gaulois meſle
les Iſles a ſang pour le tardif ramer
Plus luy nuira que l'occult mal cele
L1: <Larger male><peN enLarged pround medal tune><upturNed> <uptuned proof eNdanger reaLm><proud tune peN flodden (field-Scot) /fondled danger><eNgLander / greeNLand uptuned emerald proof>peNdant

L2:<louisa Pungent GiganteSque><unique aGentS><Putin Gang equateS louis gene> <neGateS gene quin Put><louisa quietenS gene Gang Put>equine SleDge / leDgeS Senate

L3: <marSeIlLes Seas><IsLe d'if rearm><paganS lIes alter our frame leSs><farmer group trialed> <triad rule farmer Lies><fair mILlereSs><our farm reLIes paganS leSs><rearm rule adrift><firearm dart rule ISLes>

L4: <coequal cult ruin camel><cellmate Pulls><camel equal occult ruin>quinary
1: uniquest-language, gigantesque, language-set, cellmate, quinary, coequal, pungent, 
2: giantesque, profound, upturned, equates, adrift,
3: milleress, firearm, farm,
4: gangs,
5: Marseilles, Flodden / fondled, pagans, unique, farmer, Iraq,
6: landed, ledges, input / Putin, laded,
7: dilater, pulls,
8: quieten(s), group,
9: pendant,
10: cloc, cult,
11: calm, gang,
12: negates, frame,
13: Englander / Greenland, equine, pangs,
14: emerald, smiles,
15: lasses,
16: resiles,
17: -
18: endanger, triad,
19: tirade,
20: proof,
21: -
22: camel,
23: senate.

quinary, profound, language-set, coequal, pungent, giantesque, cellmate, equates, milleress, Marseilles, gangs, fondled, firearm, pagans, unique, farmer, adrift, Iraq, landed, quietens, group, calm, pendant, input, pulls, cult, gang, smiles, negates, Greenland, lasses, emerald, frame, endanger, triad, camel, senate, tirade, proof, resiles.

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