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Nostradamus C2 Q80: Experiments on the dead as a crusading Pope is framed by a temptress.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q79 Necropoitan neoplatonic misassertions tempress proposed pauper spermeation controlledExperiments upon the dead that lead to a new species is one of the major themes in Nostradamus prophecies and this explains quite well the text and it does it in a manner that is confirmed through the anagrams. The main stream messages are laid out through anagrams such as primates ( t remis a pr), endospores miss spermation ( mis ſ -ont remis a p -ropos Des en), a monster is proposed ( ſont rem - is - a -propos De), a corpse ( A - presco), necropolitan ( rance Point l'o), lotion (oint l'o) .The timing is set by references to a temptress and her relations. ips to a pope. She is paupered by non-salaried employment but gains fame through a claim of rape made against the pope of that time.

The anagrams of greatest import to understanding this verse include:

1. Ductile ape confers clone-sequel eludes
2. Popes pauper preparations muted temptress fainter pointers frame
3. Necropolitan uranic nuclear lotion named as neoplatonic largest
4. Primates spermation is misassertion impersonators proposed
Des ennemis ſont remis a propos
After the conflict by the eloquence of the wounded
For a short time each thread lightly rests:
The great ones are not to be allowed deliverance at all
They are restored by the enemies at the proper time
Apres conflict du leſe l'eloquence
Par peu de temps ſe trame faint repos
Point l'on n'admet les grands a deliurance
Des ennemis ſont remis a propos
L1: <a corpse><rApe eludeS conflicts><Ape confers><elSe ductile polAr-consequence>

L2: <fainter Streams muted Popes rape><Paupered temptreSs retain fame><Paper frame a tempeSts pointers ><Paper pose fainter Streams due><Preparations Sets frame> <reaPpoints frame temptreSs rape due><reputed aPpose (placed alongside)><in fame aSsert>

L3: <unsalaried dangers coPe><and liued as necroPolitan dangers melt><amend neoPlatonic strangled residual><uranic lead dangers><largest manned uiral lotion sadden<and residual lotion telegrams sadden> <nonlatin smelted>

L4:<enDospores (dormant bacteria) miSs spermation><a monSter is proposeD><primates seeDs poor><impersonators poseD><apropos neeDs men Storminess><so men neeDs prop miSassertion> <pamiers not miss poor seeD>
1: necropolitan, neoplatonic, impersonators, endospores, encaption, telegrams, nonlatin, melted,
2: misassertion, preparations, unsalaried, temptress, proposed, paupered, apropos, paupers,
3: streams, adds,
4: spermation, reappoints, tempests, residual, lotion, culted,
5: storminess, primates, atropine, confers, appose,
6: conflicts, uranic, saddle,
7: strangled, lamented, reputed,
8: ductile, popes,
9: largest, fainter, 
10: raiments, poor,
11: protein(s) / pointer(s), Eleleus, mated / tamed,
12: unrailed, pauper, frame,
13: manned,
14: monsters, Artemis,
15: infame / famine, posed,
16: sensed, fame,
17: pertain,
18: Eddas,
19: Pamiers, ideal,
20: strangle, ideals,
21: -,
22: conflict, capers / pacers / scrape, sparce, graels, master / stream, faint,
23: -.

neoplatonic, impersonators, melted, necropolitan, endospores, nonlatin, telegrams, misassertion, preparations, unsalaried, paupered, temptress, proposed, primates, residual, spermation, uranic, conflicts, confers, storminess, tempests, lamented, popes, pointer, frame, sensed strange, ideal, stream.


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