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Nostradamus C2 Q82: A member of Beaufort family falls foul of Asian lenders.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q81 D'Estrees (of Beaufort) role in placing William of Orange on the English throneIn this verse Nostradamus tells part of the story of the French royal line that he saw as most important to his prophecies of the future. It is the story of the Bourbons and the Beauforts whose fortunes became eternal via the relationship of Henry IV, the founder of the Bourbon royal line, and his mistress Gabrielle d'Estrees, Duchess of Beaufort who would bear him two children. Their descendants would legitimate the line through marriages into the Royal family and into the house of Guise, their long-time enemies.

There are three anagrams for Beaufort in the Prophecies and they are found in C2 Q58, C3 Q1 and C5 Q42. The second of these verses is linked to the current verse by the anagram for Englanders but Beaufort was an alias for the king's mistress and in the second line of the current verse there are adjacent anagrams for d'Estrees aliases.

The othere anagrams build detail of a member of the family born in England that plays a significant role in future events.

The anagrams underpinning the understanding of this verse include:

1. Repair afar primal foreplay Polar foreyear popular propulsion
2. Asias ill Latin roles next exert Demeter redeems d'Estrees aliases
3. Tanya aunt wanted wetland undulate elder denier nearly unrelated
4. Peerless regalness Englanders scanned UUiliaem deal pleasured Pape
Le grand n'eſchappe au milieu de la preſſe

# Demeter: Greek goddess of the harvest who presided over the grain and fertility of the earth. She was also seen as bringer of the Law and the one who presided over Life and Death.
d'Estrees: In the late 16th century Gabrielle d'Estrees, Duchess of Beaufort was the lover of the Bourbon king, Henry IV of France. She had two children by Henry IV and through their son their lineage continues into the royal families of modern Europe.
Through hunger the prey will make the wolf prisoner
The aggressor then in extreme distress.
The heir having the last one before him,
The great one does not escape in the middle of the crowd
Par faim la proye fera loup priſonnier
L'aſſaillant lors en extreme detreſſe
Le nay ayant au deuant le dernier
Le grand n'eſchappe au milieu de la preſſe
L1: <fair reaP fear in palm / lamp propulSion><foreplay populariSer aim><~foreyear palm raPine propulSion fair~><raPine populariSer no primal fear><palm prIson raPine fair><So i free inner popular>

L2: <all extreme aLiaSeS deSSert norse><next redeem roles all-SaintS reSetS><next all aSiaS LeSSer roles metered demeter (Virgo)><next aSSail LeSSer metered roles><ill tonal / lotan (Ugaritic Sea God of watery mass destruction)>

L3: <tanya uuanted elder Liner><unaltered / unrelated Liner due><tanya nearLy in a uuetland / undulate reed><uuaned>

L4: <uuiliem appeach relapSed engLanderS / greenLandS><pleaSured generalS/ enLargeS lie appeach endS><~regaLneSS rape led uuiliem endS appeach~><UU plead ape endangerS Lesser chap><pupae enLargedneSS chaSe><peerLeSS>LargeSSe caSh Scanned aapep
1: propulsion, populariser, enlargedness,
2: All-Saints, foreplay, Demeter,
3: popular, foreyear, scanned, primal,
4: Amalfi, peerless,
5: Englanders / Greenlands, undulate, uuetland, appeach, extreme, nearly,
6: unrelated / unaltered, regalness,
7: UUiliaem, d'Estrees (2x), Tanya,
8: inner, fey,
9: endangers, UUiliem,
10: uuanted, dessert, pupae,
11: largesse, aliases,
12: -
13: Englander / Greenland, next,
14: pleasured, prison, uuaned, paled, redeem,
15: assail, lasses, Aapep, exert,
16: -
17: Cephas, regales,
18: endanger, chaps, steered, liner,
19: enlarges / generals, daunt, lamp / palm,
20: Asias,
21: lender,
22: -
23: uuade.

foreyear, foreplay, popular, Demeter, primal, propulsion, Englanders, scanned, All-Saints, enlargedness, Amalfi, peerless, wetland, undulate, appeach, unrelated, regalness, Wiliaem, d'Estrees, Tanya, inner, fey, assail, nearly, endangers, largesse, pleasured, next, prison, waned, redeem, exert, generals, daunt, Asias, lender.

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