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Nostradamus C2 Q83: Travels undertaken by Nostradamus in order to get his Prophecies printed.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q83 Bernuy progeny upstart test Metarons tarrifs on Western pillars of spirit and soul.There is a good chance that Nostradamus needed to take an interest in matters of trade because of his family background and the fulfilment of his ambitions regarding his prophecies. This verse holds evidence that this was the case both in its text and in its anagrams where words such as tarrifs ( s traffi), trade, sold, enroute ( tourne en) give direction to such a theme while spirit ( priſti) and souls ( ux ſol) focus on his reasons. This current verse would then represent a notation of journies Nostradamus undertook in seeking to achieve his patrons aims.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

 1. Halcyon angel ogre tarriffs only diffract ungrand
Le gros traffic d'vn grand Lyon change

Pauls  part to run enterprise insert Pauline spirit enroute
La plus part tourne en priſtine ruine

a souls past sold parts pillar adapts even end gene progeny
Proye aux ſoldats par pille vendenge

Metatrons (Enoch angel) West Bernuy ape rapine Roman Ju
Par Jura mont et Sueue bruine
# Bernuy: Jean de Bernuy pastel trader of Toulouse 16thC figure.
The large trade of a great Lyons changed,
The greater part turns to pristine ruin
Prey to the soldiers swept away by pillage
Through the Jura mountain and Suevia drizzle.
Le gros traffic d'vn grand Lyon change
La plus part tourne en priſtine ruine
Proye aux ſoldats par pille vendenge
Par Jura mont et Sueue bruine
L1: <~vngrand Longer haLcyon diffracts (breaks up or bends)~><haLcyon tarrifs Longer><garottes angeL><onLy change><ogres tariff><grandly no change>

L2: <uppsala Line tutor rune Spirit><pauls part printS Line rune enroute><~printS aLien plus part enroute~><upstart our paLl>

L3: <adapts Soulx><even past pillar Sold><past pair end old Progeny level><past april Sold>

L4: <uue Set bernui><roman Jura teSt uueber><uueber Pine metatronS Jura> <Suueet rapine rub><Pen teSt uueber major-runa>
1: upstart, adapts, tariffs, diffract, progeny, garrotes,
2: grandly, traffic, UUeber,
3: Metatrons, halcyon, Pauline, level,
4: pillar, spirit, soulx,
5: Neville, breuu, Jura,
6: UUest, Oxus,
7: Metatron, pristine, Bernui, suueet,
8: tarot,
9: -
10: Eulerian,
11: Uppsala, loads, gores / ogres,
12: unripe,
13: -
14: prints, load,
15: Patras, strip, sold,
16: Uppsalr, preinset,
18: enroute,
19: repine, elven,
20: -
21: -
22: amour,
23: -

Key Ideas:

upstart, grandly, adapts, tariffs, diffract, garrotes, West, spirit, souls, Weber, progeny, Metatrons, halcyon, Pauline, level, Jura, Oxus, pristine, pillar, Bernuy, sweet, tarot, loads, Uppsala, unripe, ogres, prints, Eulerian, Patras, enroute, strip, sold.



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