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Nostradamus C2 Q84: difficulties beset American troops in its war in Iran.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q84 Russia test Genova valour based on semipagan Elamites graven tongueThe focal point of this verse is established by anagram for  tongue exist (ne gout - te Six) in the second line which links directly to the French word for tongue (langue) found in the third line with the whole sequence suggesting that it relates to Nostradamus tale written in the French text. But reinforcing this link are the anagrams for Elamite (matie Le) and Susa courier (e Courir - a sus) found in the third and fourth lines respectively. The Elamites lived around the Susa area and their specific language is now extinct. From stories in the Prophecies it can be shown that Susa is the place where the major American battle for Iran will be fought later this century. The anagrams in this verse tell us about the status and preparedness of the combatants at the time of that war. See American Disaster in Iran for details.

The anagrams from which the prophecy is rebuilt include:

1. Semipagan map center seeing treasonful florate engines interest
2. Genova infuse monies infuse test graven tongue sejourn exist
3. Earliest Elamites retaliates enter genu alarmed Malta reader
4. Savant retranslates Russia courtiers torture to Susa / USAs courier
Courira sus vaſtant la terre toute
Between Campania, Siena, Florence, Tuscany,
Six months nine days without a drop of rain:
The strange tongue in the Dalmatian land,
It will overrun, devastating the entire land.
Entre Campaigne Sienne Flora Tuſtie
Six mois neuf jours ne ploura vne goutte
L'eſtrange langue en terre Dalmatie
Courira sus vaſtant la terre toute
L1: <TreaSonFul tie enter Campaign><SuiT tEmperanCe gain><Semipagan Center nine FlouraTeS>< rEC ent Felon map engineS><Seeing nonreFuTal intEresT Came><i map trance engines><FloraTe suit><TituS Enter oral>Fennel

L2:<valour is exotiSm (unfamiliar and rare) tongue><eLamiteS (extinct Iranian language) leaD><monies / simeon prunes tongue valour exitS / exiSt><june-four exotism is graven out><tongue mix Set noise uf sejourn valour>genova

L3: <~earLieSt angel reentereD malta gun~><alarmeD eternaList angel enter> <unregenerateD angel retaLiateS><malta generaLiSt reentereD angel gun><~a gun retitLeS angel reentereD alma>

L4: <russia torture rattle / latter Savant (any distinuished scientist)><Courtier alter usa Savants route><later Savants tout usa Courier><vSa Courier susa retreat out><susa Courier tout a vaSt tatent err>atlantaS
1: temperance, retaliates, june-four, exotism,
2: unregenerated, nonrefutal, treasonful, campaign, flourates , savant(s), Genova, fennel,
3: generalist, flourate, courtier, prunes, valour,
4: semipagan, uuariors, infuse, Russia, mixes, gout, exist / exits,
5: Eternalist, Elamites, interest, sejourn, mix,
6: Matilda, reentered, Stuart, felon,
7: retitles, torture,
8: courier, latter / rattle,
9: alarmed, Titus,
10: tongue,
11: earliest, graven,
12: engines, trance, vast, 
13: retreat, Malta,
14: monies / Simeon,
15: -,
16: -,
17: argental, camp, dearer / reader / reared, raven,
18: reroute, latent / talent,
19: -,
20: strangle.,
21: centre, center, recent,
22: amour, arum, mura,
23: couture, Simon, floe,

june-four, temperance, retaliates, nonrefutal, exotism, treasonful, campaign, Genova, savant(s), prunes, courtier, valour, semipagan, warriors, infuse, Russia, mixes, Elamites, interest, torture, courier, Titus, earliest, tongue, alarmed, vast, graven, monies, strangle, Malta, talent, center.




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