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Nostradamus C2 Q85: Those at ease cast down by climate induced squalor.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q85 Brisbane baseborn televiewers replete in clime eulogyThis verse relates to a future time when peoples who have become used to easy living are reduced to squalor. Once again it is our near future with the signals of its arrival being connected to poor behaviour in financial institutions and climatic factors that produce the motivation for war. Its identification with the Ligurian Sea helps identify the verse as part of the battles fought by the three brothers with two of them being twins cloned from Jesus DNA.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

 1. Brisbane bourse evil use plain table so subtle baseborn televiewers revel
2. faction edicts uses elegaic lassitudes equality
3. Replete verse reverse repute treating troop outer route
4. Beirut eulogy Mercuriel quietus our uglyest dream dreamt
Bruit d'arme au ciel mer rouge Lyguſtique.
The old full beard under the severe statute
Made at Lyon over the Celtic Eagle
The little great one perseveres too far
Noise of arms in the sky Ligurian sea red.
Le vieux plain barbe soubs le ſtatut ſeuere
A Lyon faict deſſus l'Aigle Celtique
Le petit grant trop outre perſeuere
Bruit d'arme au ciel mer rouge Lyguſtique.
L1: <~eviL uxe plain ere uSe boluses Statute barb~><uueSt State relieve barb boluses uSe><brisbane abSolutes><aStute brain leSs buboes Set><lateSt teLevieuuerS><base-born blues> <base-born bustles Statue><uueSt ban eviL bourse stablest Lever>boreas suueet bear

L2: <elegAic quilt><faction equALity><onLy liquAte><sulliAge diSSect>lASSitudes onLy uSeS quite Agile

L3: <~treating repLete route port reuSe~><preSee port repeL tattering rout><repLete uSe it grant true troop> poor rating

L4: <guSty euLogy><dream ugLy rogue quitS Beirut><it rub quietuS dream><i dreamt>
1: televieuuers, lassitudes, absolutes, equality, mercuriel, baseborn, Brisbane, statutes, eulogy, buboes, relieve,
2: tattering, statute,
3: gutsily / gustily, treating, sulliage, bustles, stables, gusty,
4: dissect, tugs,
5: Boreas, astute, ugly, breuu,
6: quietus, elegaic (2x), revile, clime, UUest, lever,
7: replete, suueet,
8: blouses, legaci, Beirut,
9: troop, brain, guy,
10: bourse, robes, poor,
11: rating,
12: quits, 
13: faction, edicts, latest,
14: dreamt,
15: -
16: liquate,
17: -
18: triad, Sauls,
19: repute,
20: blues,
21: quilt,
22: bless,
23: -

Brisbane, baseborn, televiewers, lassitudes, equality, statutes, absolutes, Mercuriel, eulogy, relieve, buboes, gutsily, treating, sulliage, bustles, stables, gusty, tugs, revile, Boreas, astute, troop, brain, dissect, brew, elegaic, quietus, West, ugly, clime, replete, lever, Beirut, bourse, poor, repute, rating, faction, quits, latest, edicts, dreamt, triad, liquate.

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