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Nostradamus C2 Q87: Dreams of sexual conflicts in the 16th Century.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text of this verse defines the lineage of a Northern royal family while its anagrams bring together the nature in which the lineage is generated.  Three anagrams dreaming (Germain d) and vipers resonate ( ontrees A - pres vi), tell us much about the way he relaxed his mind and let images and symbols resonate with those from whom he drew his knowledge of the future. Other anagrams such as extremes sex  procreativeness  focus on sexual activity and to generate his connection he uses memories of vipers, nursemaids and maidens. Using this method led to his stories of the Royal family of Catherine Medici, the narratives about the adherants of Luther and detail as to the fate of Joan of Arc, the maiden of Orleans, the once heroine whose besmirched reputation would be redeemed in future times. There are also two anagrams that show a connection to the Nordic Norns who like the fates foretell destiny. These are Verdandi ( viendra d) and wierdest ( ſeruitude) with Verdandi being the name of one of the Norns  who are laso known and Wierds .

The anagrams from which the means to fill in the detail for thise verse will come include:

as vipers drained sexade Verdandi exert metres centremost procreativeness resonate
Apres viendra des extremes contrees

creeping maiden dreaming Luther nursemaids generic uses lest ruthless thrones shortened endospore erode
Prince Germain deſſus le throſne dore

lesser virtues weirdest [f]ate USA re-encounters
Le ſeruitude et eaux rencontrees

ordeal measured notes d'Orleans alarmed plumpness adorns
La dame ſerue ſon temps plus n'adore
# Verdandi: one of the Scaninavian wyrds (fates) or Norns whose weavings set the destiny threads of each human. Verdandi's dreamings covered things about to happen.
# sexade: Swedish for sexual intercourse.

C2 Q87
Original Verse in English and French (Benoit Ed.)

After there will come from the outermost countries
A German Prince, upon the golden throne
The servitude and waters met,
The lady serves, her time no longer adored.
Apres viendra des extremes contrees
Prince Germain deſſus le throſne dore
Le ſeruitude et eaux rencontrees
La dame ſerue ſon temps plus n'adore
L1: <procreAtiveness dreads / sadder extremes><~seer sexade (six classes) centermost speAr driven><seem verdandi exerts><vipers resonAte><envies dread sex term><neArest vipers comes><driven speAr comes enter><sexade meters speAr driven> <Apes inversed redsea>eAster

L2: <~thronelesS rode creePing nurSemaidS~><maidenS tuSsle hornS><ruthleSs / huStlers reneGadiSm / GermaniSed Son erode><~ruthless maidenS Generic Pored~><ruthleSs endoSPore GermaniSed><uSeleSs midranGe / dreaminG Shortened roPe><other Pincer endorSe><other endS><diane><ermeSinda generic hornS tuSsle><uSeLess thrones><hustler / luthers norSe remained>

L3: <once uuierdeSt reLents><uueirdeSt eLectrons><LeSser uuit re-encounterx><once uurite enter LeSs>

L4: <~not Sure adam See plumpness ordeaL~><d'orLeans plumpest neuroSeS><~d'orLeans rue See adam plumpest Son~><noteS neaSured ordeaL><tuneSome pulps aLarmed Seer><meaSure plumps Lead / deaL noteS adorns / radons / sardon><adam reuSe oLder noteS><noteS meaSure uplands ordeaL><noteS reSume>
1: procreativeness, reencounterx, centremost, throneless, plumpness, poemstune, dethrones, shortened, plumpest, endospore, hustlers / ruthless, creeping, generic,
2: nursemaids, tunesome, axseed / sexade,
3: germanised / renegadism, uueirdest / seruitude, measured, uurit,
4: dreaming / midrange, holster, hustler / Luthers,
5: Ermesinda, uplands, extremes, uurites, extreme, desex,
6: horns / shorn, exerts,
7: reinvaded / Verdandi, vipers, others, useless, tussle,
8: -
9: thrones / shorten, alarmed, ordeal, short,
10: resonate, neuroses, measure, sluna,
11: repeaters, uselss, other, merge,
12: remained, imager, comes, Thor,
13: resume,
14: revise,
15: exert,
16: d'Orleans, maidens, drained, endorse, redone,
17: Adam,
18: dreads / sadder, sends,
19: -
20: maiden,
21: d'Orlean / Leonard (2x),
22: -
23: -

procreativeness, centremost, re-encounters, tunesome, nursemaids, plumpness, shortened, ruthless, creeping, endospore, generic, sexade, Verdandi, weirdest, dreaming, resonate, Thor, measured, renegadism, Luthers, throneless, uplands, exerts, extreme, thrones, others, useless, tussle, vipers, horns, short, ordeal, alarmed, neuroses, comes, Adam, endorse, dreads, drained, d'Orleans, maiden.


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