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Nostradamus C2 Q88: The cycle of knowledge that leads to war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q88 Argentina mortuarian executional nepotismThis is a verse in which Nostradamus employs irony about his art of writing through a quill as he expresses his concerns about the misuse of science and knowledge.

More detail can be read in my paper titled American Disaster in Iran.

The anagrams from which the prophecy can be rebuilt include:

1. Uranitic circles uxe African-drug guard turgid relic
2. Poems episteme release omens seem nepotism induce quin demise 3. Strange land inverts splurges relabeling queux quill misused
4. Argentina executional mortuarian nucleate  axenic antitumor maturation

# Muratorian:  Muratorian Canon holds oldest known list of Books of New Testament.
# episteme: Ancient Greek word for knowledge or science.
# uranitic: term for any of the uranium phosphate minerals.
# axenic: describes a culture containing only one species of a living organism.
The circuit of the great ruinous deed,
The seventh name of the fifth will be
Of a third greater the stranger warlike
Sheep, Paris, Aix will not guarantee.
Le circuit du grand faict ruineux
Le nom ſeptieſme du cinquieſme ſera
D'vn tiers plus grand l'eſtrange belliqueux
Mouton Lutece Aix ne garantira.
L1: <drug fan-atic ruin circle uxe><uuinter circLe>guard circuited turgid uranitic antidrug

L2: <SeemS poemS induce reaL timeS><SeemS quin Learn epitomeS / epSomite miScued><duc SoLemn epiSteme><deemS nepotiSm reLeaSe><aLmonerS epiStime><emptieS eLeanorS (Eng Queen from Aquitaine)><reaL omenS duc epiSteme>

L3: <leSt vntrieD quill uxe began><Slanted relabeling><plus inverts Strangled relabeling><it splurges Slander>

L4: <Agenix Mortuarian to nucLeate><argentina executionAL Maturation><agen Mortuarian / Muratorian ix><Maturation range><~Mortuarian not age Axenic Lute~>Minotaur antitumour
Moira gratian
1: ARGENTINA, EXECUTIONAL, MATURATION, RELABELING, NEPOTISM, circuited, uranitic, circlex, uuinter, axenic,
2: antitumor, antidrug, circuit, miscued, quinic, circle, Eleanor,
3: mortuarian, epitomes, epsomite, Bretagne, nucleate,
4: minotaur, Gratian, turgid, 
5: raimant,
6: began,
7: strangled, splinter, episteme,
8: splurges, demise, Luton,
9: inverts,
10: -
11: poems, 
12: almoners, 
13: -
14: resplit / triples, empties, invert, release,
15: almoner,
16: quill,
17: fad,
18: -
19: -
20: strangle, alone,
21: -
22: Orlean, libel, cqin, incq,
23: lends, relic.

Argentina, nepotism, executional, maturation, relabeling, circuited, uranitic, circles, axenic, winter, antitumor, antidrug, miscued, Eleanor, mortuarian, muratorian, epitomes, Bretagne, epsomite, nucleate, turgid, episteme, Gratian, minotaur, raimant, splurges, began, strangled, splinter, demise, Luton, poems, almoners, resplit, quill, invert, release, fad, empties, ink, alone, strangle, Orlean, libel.


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