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Nostradamus C2 Q90: Ascetic sects 21st C war begins in France.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q41 Essenes motivate alliances polluters The following verse is part of a series linking an Essenean-like sect of the first century CE to a story of murder during a marriage. (See C4Q71 for more). This verse contains the only anagrams for ascetic (ice CaSt) and ascetical (a lice Caſt). The ascetic leads a highly disciplined life which is a concept that is very relevant to the second line of this verse ' The law will be more harsh than service'.

An anagram for the 3rd century ascetic scholar Origen (Ongrie) can be found in the first line of verse but it is not very rare (23 occurrences) and can equally be read as region or ignore.


The anagrams which aid the understanding of this verse include: 

1. Evaporimeter chart gene gender Gironde region change
2. Queer verse receives loyal eras Paul pass
3. Regular DNA cited ruled plainsmen sect secret relic
4. Ascetic spectator sexennium dalliances rotates calcites centralistic polluters
By life and death the realm of Hungary changed
The law will be more harsh than service:
Their great city cries out with howls and laments,
Castor and Pollux enemies in the arena.
Par vie et mort change regne d'Ongrie
La loy ſera plus aſpre que ſeruice
Leur grand cite d'vrlemens plaincts et crie
Castor et Pollux ennemis dans la lice

L1: <~Permeative gangrene chort / torch ignOred~><emotive archregent rePair><Origen (3rdC ascetic) remote gender><ignOred / girOnde / negrOid remote genre change> genearch / encharge chart variometer evaPorimeter Pereginative

L2: <~paul's queer cruise Loyal eraS pass~><paul's years><rueS aLl queer ice><~aLl roSey aS pauls ice preSqeuuer~>playerS

L3: <Leicester (Earl of Montfort) antic><trice rvled reguLar plainsmen / psalm-nine sect> <cited centraListic grandeur><tetrices (rugged) grand verdict ruLe><reguLar pinnacles terices (rugged)> divert

L4: <allans asCetic><Poet aCtors dalliances><Cocreates Plot lux>< mines Calcites ore Pollutex lands><sexennium Poll rotates><speCtator (d)alliances><Petrol lux><ante-Classical ore Pollutex> <men Polluterx asCetical islands> maidens Protest

1: ante-classical, peregrinative, centralistic, evaporimeter, superalloys, polluterx, variometer, permeative, polluter, calcites, verdict, ascetic, ascetical
2: dalliances, arch-regent, pinnacles, alliances, cocreates, Leicester, pollute, emotive, divert,
3: plainsmen, psalm-nine, spectator, players, surlaps,
4: sexennium, islands, trisect, cecil,
5: erectile, protest,
6: allans, chort / torch
7: tarchon, rosetta / rotates, actors,
8: gangrene, repays,
9: ignored / Gironde / negroid, Caliel, Caliel,
10: encharge / genearch, alloys, cruise, curies,
11: carding, maids, Midas, plot, poll,
12: coast, gripe, rvle,
13: plans, seuuer,
14: reaping, petrol, chart,
15: sauing, damns,
16: maidens, sorely, ring,
17: redacting, meteor / remote, Curie,
18: alloy / loyal, Sauls,
19: Parques, reiect / recite, poet,
20: grandeur, years,
21: -
22: -
23: ignore / Origen / region, reuile / reliue, relic.


ante-classical, centralistic, evaporimeter, permeative, super-alloys, polluter, calcites, verdict, ascetic/al, dalliances, Leicester, arch-regent, alliances, cocreates, pinnacles, motive, divert, plainsmen, psalm-nine, spectator, protest, Gironde, coast, islands, trisect, sexennium, petrol, chart, plans, damns, maidens, plot.

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