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Nostradamus C2 Q94:  Despite police action a new species of man reaches Europe
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

List of verses in Superape seriesThe text of this verse describes a great migration over the seas which aptly tells the tale of our modern era when war and famine cause people to flee both the African and Asian continents. The anagrams add to this picture by giving such flight a futuristic impact by its spreading a new species of African man, the superape of modern times.  In the early 21st century the word Superape is only used in fiction and has no current usage for the next level of ape based evolution beyond man. Yet such a term is needed to deal with that which is inevitable. Once it happens there may be a better term than superape but until that time it isn't a term that we can know or use in an enlightening manner.

There is an anagram for superape/s ( ſſera Peup) in this verse as well as one for Sassenach ( Sans eſcha) with the latter term giving support to the concept that any name is best used to define the time and place when the populace know how to interpret its full meaning. Sassenach is the Gaelic term for a Saxon and it survives in modern day Ireland and Scotland as a derogatory term for an English person.

Nostradamus Centuries 2 Quatrain 94  Superape Creationism Great Pau Teror torture infinite numbersThe anagram for Mauritian  ( r au - maritin) provides a plausible origin for the  people mentioned in the text of the third line who pass by the sea in infinite number. And the reference to the lion and Gaul in the text together with the anagram for Sassenach gives a destination.

Other anagrams provide furter terms that have the potential to be useful in identifying the events presented in the text. In particular those for uuar nonmilitary  (ur au_  maritin Lyon), liaison (ilion Sa),  innovate (on Vaine t) and veneration ( on Vaine ter) resonate with the stories in the text of this and other verses.

I chose to pair this verse with C6 Q24 because both contain anagrams for superapes and a range of terms in each fit to a story line found in many verses.

Great Pau, great evil will be received through Gaul
Vain terror to the maritime Lion
People will pass by the sea in infinite numbers,
Without a quarter of a million escaping.
GRAND Pau grand mal pour Gaulois receura
Vaine terreur au maritin Lyon
Peuple infiny par la mer paſſera
Sans eſchapper vn quart d'vn milion
L1: <GRANDPa drugman><louisa Group><GRANDPa oil rescuer><louisa Group><augur secure po oil><augur arGue po recoils> <ur aliGerous (having wings) cure><our landmap> grandma

L2: <~enter Via mon-miLitary uuar~><rue unmiLitary Veneration>--> <onLy reenter Via aurum (gold)><~rue onLy natiVe mauritian err~> <trainee uuarmer air><Venetian uuar err>innoVate entire

L3: <~fin parlay remapS SuPerape line~><realarm apPeaSerS if line up><palmyra line rape PaupereSS><pray Papule in male fin repaSS><pray elfin Pupae repaSS in male><pray fin Papule in ampler SeaS>

L4: <mil (1049) AscenSions><SaSsenach lion><quran paper v (5)><chaSes an vpper lioniSm><paper v quadr'nt> liaiSon cephaS apep
1: nonmilitary, unmilitary, enervation, veneration, Mauritian, innovate, venation,
2: Sassenach, pauperess / superapes, liaison, uuarmer,
3: ascensions, landmap, Venetian, aurum, uuarm,
4: aligerous, lionism, appeasers,
5: papule, rescuer,
6: superape,
7: -
8: native, group,
9: -
10: drugman, recoils, anions, pupae,
11: alarmer / realarm,
12: unpile, pauper, rescue / secure,
13: Vienna, augur,
14: -
15: -
16: pad,
17: grandma, grandpa, Cephas,
18: trainee, chaps,
19: lamp / palm,
20: -
21: elfin,
22: Armand, arum,

nonmilitary, unmilitary, veneration, Mauritian, innovate, Sassenach, pauperess, warmer, liaison, Venetian, landmap, lionism, ascensions, papule, rescue, superape, group, appeasers, native, drugman, recoils, augur, secure, Vienna, grandma, grandpa, Cephas, trainee.

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