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Nostradamus C2 Q97: Secrets held in St Remy's 'Les Antiques'.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q97 The history of the Glanum site at St Remy entitles it to quietness when the town becomes a modern fuel siteEnigmatic verse is typical of Nostradamus writing but he claimed every one of the verses was resolvable with an unambiguous solution and I believe my method of anagram usage is the only method that could redem his claim. For example in the text of this verse it talks of our blood spurting but that is definitely ambiguous for it could be death or a sudden onset of fertility that could fulfill that condition. And the anagrams do allow this verses meaning to be clarified and in a most unusual manner. Its key lies in the names it contains with 'Les Antiques' ( les tiens qua), Paimon ( main Po), Moira ( Romai) and Angevins ( ſang vien) being amongst the most important. The Angevin and Les Antiques reference identifies the city as that of Glanum whose ruins are slowly being uncovered in a region just outside St Remy in Provence.

The anagrams for Paimon and Moira are two demonic forces with which he buit a resonance with harvests on which his families futures relied. To this end there are several anagrams related to crops and their diseases aas well as other aspects related to the character of Paimon. In consequence we can place this verse into a future setting for St Remy and that future is one where the nature of its crops and the reliability of fuel from the North Sea becomes of great concern. These are the events that many verses show approach us as this century ends.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

1.Preinformation foredating prop echo Rome Paimon Moira main point
2. Useful fuel rare use roused queued citadel welfares
3.  Angevin leaders resonant character persuades North Sea charter given
4. Yet 'Les Antiques' antiqueness entitles fuel store arrival quietness
# Paimon: One of the kings of hell with strong allegiance to Lucifer. Paimon teaches all arts, philosophy, science and secret things which includes the secrets of earth, water and that which is held in the mind.
Moira (Greek mythology): represent one's portion or part in destiny.
Les Antiques: On the outskirts of St Remy, Provence, (where Nostradamus was born in1503 CE ) are the  partially restored ruins of the Roman city of Glanum. In the 16th century the only prominent features of these mostly buried ruins were a triumphal Arch and a Mausoleum called 'Les Antiques'.
Angevins: a term used for the royal house from the province of Anjou-
anthracnose (canker): plant diseases in which dead tissue are caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses,
Roman Pontiff beware of approaching
The city that two rivers flow through,
Near there your blood will come to spurt,
You and yours when the rose will flourish.
Romain Pontife garde de t'approcher
De la cite que deux fleuues arrouſe
Ton ſang viendras aupres de la cracher
Toy et les tiens quand fleurira la roſe
L1: <Paimon foredating date chore err><if Paimon crop not predated><~he tap PreinfoRmation degrade crop><moiRa taped her crop if not agreed><Paimon prop federating date><main Point><frigate deed><moiRa readapted her crop> dread aim amino agrief departed

L2: <uueedx rouSeD uuelfares><~ursae rouSe Delicate fuelx queued~><quite laced fuel exude><rearouSes citaDel><uue fluxed sea suuear fleuu flex

L3: <angevinS no characTer pleasured><given reSonanT arch><pleasured characTer><declares on angevinS charTer><persuades invader><given cradle super anThracnose><no characTer repulsed angevinS><angevinS Thrones><usa relapsed><angevinS arch Treason><norThSea given><not angevinS archer>leaders hecTor

L4: <antiqueness / quaintness flurried><yet les antiques liar arose To rule><yet To roSe lets liar rule><and let quietness fuel Toy><and inquest fuel><Solar air>entitles
1: preinformation, anthracnose, foredating, 'Les Antiques', quaintness, federating, character, quietness, readapted, inquests, flurried,
2: antiqueness, departed / predated, Angevin, queued,
3: uuelfares, frigate, saving, Hector,
4: Angevins, rearouses, declares, quieted, paimon,
5: anothers / NorthSea, entitles, titles,
6: degrade,
7: charter, agrief, ,
8: centroarch, fluxed, cradle, flux, flex, give,
9: inquest, thrones / shorten,
10: antiques, given,
11: other,
12: delicate, repulsed / preludes,
13: persuades, resonant, throne, fuelx, roars,
14: pleasured, dialect / citadel, settle,
15: scaled, uuears / suuear/ uuares,
16: -, 
17: queans, arriue, fled,
18: chopper, agreed,
19: -
20: -
21: feint,
22: -
23: armor.

anthracnose, preinformation, foredating, 'Les Antiques', character, antiqueness, predated, frigate, saving, fuels, citadel, queued, Hector, welfares, readapted, declares, quieted, Paimon, roars, anothers, quietness, entitles, flux, NorthSea, degrade, charter, titles, thrones cradle, given, resonant, Angevin, dialect, persuades, delicate, preludes. 



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