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Nostradamus C2 Q98: The followers of signs seed the war against the superape.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

One of the major focal points for understanding this verse requires the knowledge that Francois Rabelais was someone well-known to Nostradamus and so an anagram for  Panurges (u ſang rep) is no surprise. The following passage from Rabelais' novel Gargantua and Pantagruelis widely recognised as satirising for those who follow without question and it is this that helps define the intent of the current verse.

Suddenly, I do not know how, it happened, I did not have time to think, Panurge, without another word, threw his sheep, crying and bleating, into the sea. All the other sheep, crying and bleating in the same intonation, started to throw themselves in the sea after it, all in a line. The herd was such that once one jumped, so jumped its companions. It was not possible to stop them, as you know, with sheep, it's natural to always follow the first one, wherever it may go.
.....Francois Rabelais,Quart Livre, chapter VIII
The second line of the next verse (C2 Q99) contains a composite anagram for Gargantua and Patagruel (Par agent Gaul) the name of this novel by Rabelais. Taken together with the word augur appearing in both there is good reason for believing the two verses are part of the same thread.

In the current verse there is another common theme dealing with ports and the materials they hold. Other parts of text and anagrams produce a tale of a slaughter performed only because someone believes the 'signs' are telling them that must be done. This theme then evolves into the manner in which each of these people are saved. This produces a tale that fits closely to that found in many nearby verses about the evolution of the 22nd century superapes, their capture and near extinction.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

1. Sunday_clue_evil_ages unpresaged  legacies
2. Time permit maledictive search if crop impactive
3. Aegean-ports prepare_tonnages Prague_alone_greuu
4. Feminacies mortal menace if parlous asterism
The one whose face is splattered with the blood
Of the victim nearly sacrificed
Jupiter in Leo, omen through presage
To be put to death then for the bride.
Celuy du ſang reperſe le viſage
De la victime proche ſacrifiee
Tonant en Leo augure par preſage
Mis eſtra a mort lors pour la fiancee
L1: <~Cluey Sage unpreSaged revileS~><legaCieS leverS /revelS><preenlargeS viSage> <Sunday Clue relieveS Sage / ageS><panurgeS (he who makes everything)CageS duly relieveS><Seer ungraSped evil ageS yule><preSee evil ageS Sunday Clue><angerS leperS /repelS><evil ageS peerS anger us>

L2: <if i Search maleDictive crop time><Deifier / reifieD permit coacheS alive><impactive choreS leD><if car permit choSe>atmoSpheeric victima (sacrificial victim)

L3:<guru aLone prepare Stage / gateS><~paper agreeS Lone augur noT neat~><~Lone uuarpage /prague preSTorage atone~><Lone augur prepareS age><Tonnage reappearS><Sage noT prepare neat augur aLone><a preSager purge>

L4: <~or if a Sister Menace parlous mortal>~><~or feMinacies mortal rateS parlous~><porous asteriSM mortal flair><tamar Seism>
1: maledictive, atmospheeric, victima, Aegean-ports, impactive, feminacies,  coaches, Sunday,
2: prestorage, vitalic, failance, uuar-page, reappears, legacies, visage,
3: panurges, tonnage, relieves, deifier / reified,
4: preenlarges, parlous, faience, prepare, flair,
5: unpresaged, ungrasped, presager, prepares, reviles / servile, Tamars, icemen, cages,
6: menace, duly,
7: aviles, purge,
8: regrasp, porous, guru,
9: prechose, asterism,
10: caches, permit, aroma, Tamar, cage,
11: presage, caries,
12: gates / stage,
13: levers / revels, augur,
14: Prague, visa,
15: -
16: chores, chose,
17: aegis,
18: -
19: Astrea,
20: cluey, alone,
21: greuu,
22: mortal, uuager, avile / alive, sites,
23: Sudan.

maledictive, Aegean-ports, prestorage, tonnage, impactive, atmospheeric, legacies, Panurges, Sunday, visage, reified, war-page, flair, prepares, feminacies, victima, failance, unpresaged, menace, relieves, parlous, cages, Tamars, icemen, duly, purge, guru, prechose, asterism, permit, gates, levers, Prague, alone, chose, visa, chores, regrasp, sites, mortal, alive.


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