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Nostradamus C2Q100: Great floods create autocratic island states where adultery is punishable by death.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C2 Q100 Tiletanus' partner in adultery share a deadly illness that predates their lust.In this verse Tiletanus (aka Josse Raveysteyn- see Josse_Ravesteyn in Wikipedia) a 16thC Catholic writer on the significance of the scriptures is used as an example of those who use religion to stand in judgement of those they deem sinful.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Adulteries detailedness illnesses deadliness  adulterers adulterines tumble
2. Beguine (Rom Cath sisterhood) Norn roar waken querible libel
3. Desperate departures predates result Tiletanus treasured
4. Envious Guild uuoqen arranged darling garland
Qu'on ſe viendra ranger a la grand ligue
Within the isles a very horrible uproar,
One will hear only a party of war,
So great will be the insult of the plunderers
That they will come to be joined in the great league
Dedans les isles ſi horrible tumulte
Bien on n'orra qu'vne bellique brigue
Tant grand ſera des predateurs l'insulte
Qu'on ſe viendra ranger a la grand ligue
L1: <his illnesses edda><less deadliness><less detailedness> rebuilt isil tumble

L2: <bi one norn><no norn quav'r><beguine brique libel><qorran be neuv quill><been ill>

L3: <grant sadder utensil spread results><predates redsea rules><tiletanus spared adulterers><tilenatus neutralised dangers> departures treasured draperess talent speared lust

L4: <envious qu'ue arranges graal><graal arrange eluding inversed> uuoqe
1: languid, beguine, guild, quavr,
2: tumble,
3: detailedness, eluding, envious,
4: adulteries, departures, adulterers, desperate, tumult,
5: neutralised, adulterines, Tiletanus, adulters, darling, insult,
6: Saturniel, illnesses, utensil, bluet,
8: Argala, ovens,
9: predates, radar,
10: departs, linus,
11: -
12: arrange, lust,
13: -
14: -
15: -
16: quill, spade,
17: drapers, been,
18: latent, talent, dreads, sadder, addres,
19: britle, guile,
20: arranged,
21: belt,
22: horrible, redseas, belli, libel,
23: result, deaden,

languid, beguine, guild, tumble, detailedness, eluding, envious, adulteries, departures, adulterers, desperate, tumult, neutralised, adulterines, Tiletanus, adulters, darling, insult, deadliness, treasured, rebuilt, predate, Saturniel, illnesses, utensil, Argala, ovens, predates, radar, departs, Linus, arrange, lust, quill, spade, drapers, been, latent, talent, dreads, sadder, guile, arranged, belt, horrible, Redseas, libel, result, deaden,

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