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Nostradamus C3 Q01: The Hautpul-Beaufort line in the thick of a vicious war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 3 Quatrain 01 Hautpul Beaufort Pausons lineage linked to Englander and Greenland oceanJust Blood Crimeans Soviet NarcismThe lineage of the Hautpul-Beaufort line is a theme found in many of the Prophecies and Nostradamus interest seems to be aroused by their involvement in the great mutations that are set to begin later in this century. In this verse we receive guidance as to the profile of these participants and it is apparent they serve in naval combat in a war of vengeance where even the thin veneer of decency is temporarily lost.

The anagrams from which the meaning of this verse is found include:

1. A ill nave compares beat replaces all Beta
2. Hatpauls Beaufort Argyle yearlong danger Greenland Englander pendant tune
3. Deeper Eurasia raised via pure paradisal rogue
4. Anne clangored my tenant offer latent danger code
# Vidar: A Nordic god of vengeance whose name is thought to have links to prototype indo-European (Eurasian?) languages. He was the slayer of the wolf called Fenrir in the Eddic tales.
# Oannes: name given in Babylon to a mythical being who taught mankind wisdom. He had the body of a fish while underneath was the figure of a man. He lived in the Persian Sea and in the day would rise from the deeps to mankind instruction in writing, the arts and the various sciences
After combat and naval battle,
The great Neptune in his highest belfry
Red adversary will become pale with fear,
Putting the great Ocean in dread.
Apres combat et bataille naualle
Le grand Neptune a ſon plus haut befroy
Rouge auerſaire de peur viadra paſle
Mettant le grand Ocean en effroy
L1: <mob replAces naual alien-battle><ill naue abet all rApe comes><ill abate a combats rape><compAres latin-table beat / beta> corpse

L2: <enLarged pen atune hautpuls Son><engLaNder / greeNLander put><argyLe beaufort on plush Sea>yearLong peNdant

L3: <paradiSal Rogue auerSe><euraSia via deeper rogue>raiderS raiSed

L4: <my cOde offer anne range><Met latent /talent dragOn>clangOred
1: paradisal, Eurasia, Vidar,
2: latin-table, compares, forbye, deeper,
3: Hautpuls, yearlong, Beaufort, Argyle
4: Paulsson,
5: combats, alegory,
6: raiders, uuash,
7: clangored, 
8: plush,
9: pendant,
10: -
11: replaces, uuage, radia,
12: dragon, comes, offer, tube,
13: Englander, Greenland, hauls, ocean,
14: dracgon, abut,
15: -
16: -
17: argental, combat,
18: endanger, latent / talent, but,
19: -
20: beat / beta,
21: Oannes,
22: capers / pacers / scrape / sparce, unseat.
23: -

Key Ideas:,

paradisal, latin-table, compares, deeper, Eurasia, Vidar, alegory, Hautpuls, Beaufort, Argyle, raiders, wage, yearlong, combats, Englander, Greenland, clangored, plush, ocean, dragon, argental, pendant, replaces, offer, but, Oannes, sparce, talent, comes.

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