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Nostradamus C3 Q03: The Sephiroth emblem for the period of severe earthquakes.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 3 Quatrain 03  The N system of code incorporates emblems linked to the Hebraic Sephirot to the vertices of conjoined planets In this verse emblems, astronomic terms and the shaking of the earth are very evident. The critical focus for these themes is established by complex anagram streams such as the sequences saying large joint ten emblems master / stream recur and excite Sephiropthene roles.

This structure offers links between the two sets which is given credibility from the nature of the Sephiroth, a Hebraic code-like device with ten emblematic spheres. It is likely that the events in this verse will take place later in this century and will act as a forewarning of the great mutation period. There will most likely be two great earthquakes within 21 months that will strike the nominated areas.

The anagrams from which the meaning of this verse is found include:

1. Lecturer alter meter join ten emblems recur in master stream
2. Vermeils dye misled vertices verse meter levers exert
3. Ideas ordinate found as meterable meter err
4. Neither Sephirothene roles reopens exoteric exit in the contrite sheep
Mars Mercury and the silver joined together,
Towards the south extreme drought.
In the depths of Asia it is said the earth trembles,
Corinth, Ephesus then in perplexity.
Mars et Mercure et l'argent joint ensemble
Vers le midy extreme Siccite
Au fond d'ASie on dira terre tremble
Corinthe EpheSe lors en perplexite.
L1: <angleterre Master join ten eMblems><blames mens Metre recur><intone embalMers Meter><lecturer Meet embalMers><relegate joint streaM recur>

L2: <dye metrex mile Vertices><cite mercieS leVers mix ex y] <cite leVers ci /ic extremeS><Vermeils dye>exert

L3: <blAme ideAS found on tirade><derIsion add rate retremble><found Able meter ordinate ideAS><tirade err Add noiSe><~found ideAS retreat reblAme odin~>

L4: <cite SEphirothene roles perplex><in the exoteriC> <Core it perplex norse><person><therEin exotiC person repel>

Between the years 1550CE and 2150CE there are only 10 conjunctions of Mars, Mercury and the Moon where there is less than two degrees separation. The tightest conjunction of these will be on Nov 27 2057CE (0.36 degrees) while on 13th Feb 2056 there will be a conjunction with a separation of 0.42 degrees. There is only one other that is under 0.75 degrees and this occurred on Feb 28th in 1851 with a planetary gap of 0.4 degrees. On this exact date a moderate earthquake was felt in Turkey well within the zone of the two places named in this verse.

1: exoteric, vertices, enjoint, exotic,
2: Sephirothene, Vermeils, emblems, relegate, mercies, excite, derision,
3: embalmers, meterable, hereinto, perplex, adds,
4: neither,
5: contrite, emblem, misled,  tarried, ccii,
6: lecturer,
7: hint,
8: restive, found,
9: ensemble,
10: diuine, robed, cult, espied, subs, 
11: atremble, sheep, jot,
12: ordain / radion, intone,
13: reblame, lecture, retreat, evict, levers / revels, exit,
14: ordinate, then,
15: exert,
16: intense, join,
17: cci, add,
18: losers, triad, recur,
19: tirade, blame (2x),
20: spied,
21: marble, terms, aides / ideas, 
22: erotic, master / stream,
23: -.

Key Ideas:,

exoteric, vertices, enjoint, Vermeils, exotic, Sephirothene, emblems, embalmers, relegate, mercies, hereinto, meterable, neither, perplex, adds, extremes, contrite, emblem, misled, ccii, joint, tarried, lecturer, derision, hint, restive, sheep, excite, intense, revels, then, master, ordinate, ideas, found.




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