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Nostradamus C3 Q7: Murderess at Qantas Gulf-site decarbonises boatsman.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is one of two carrying an anagram for murderess the other is verse C10 Q89. The focus from the anagrams is set by Qantas unspared, Cnidaria Oceanids (species of jellyfish), gulf-site, clique steered and boatsman.

The anagrams from which the framework for understanding this verse will come include:

fuels gulf-site diffuse fits fifties feuds ice-dew Celsius sequels equips
Les fugitifs feu du ciel ſus les piques

proconflict China decarbonise Oceanids uses beasts Satan constant chained
Conflict prochain des corbeaux s'esbatans

Clique requested corner steered deters Cnidaria ideas sources deliquesces
De terre on crie aide ſecours celiques

Qantas aquans panders pressed murderess electrons becom[e]s Satan boatsman
Quand pres des murs ſeront les combatans

This analysis relies on the rules as set out in my paper called Webber's rules.

The fugitives, fire from the sky on the pikes:
Conflict near the ravens frolicking,
From land they cry for aid and heavenly relief,
When the combatants will be near the walls.
Les fugitifs feu du ciel ſus les piques
Conflict prochain des corbeaux s'esbatans
De terre on crie aide ſecours celiques
Quand pres des murs ſeront les combatans

L1: <diffuse guLf-site equips less><plies / piles celSius sequeL><euclidS pulses> <else equips Sullies> <equips fueLs> fifties stiff

L2: <decarbonise uxes><chain / china uxes bear codes><Canons abuxes beast><uxes second atrophic bear><satan pro-Conflict><uxes diocesan bear> consider crop abates

L3: <i requesteD corner relics idea><dioceSe curse><cnidaria (jellyfish) sources Deliquesce (melts away)><Seed occurs> <cliques Deserter><aideS closure>

L4: <murdereSs unspared stolen satan / Qantas combs><norSe celts boatsman><depress / pressed Sumers><combat Sumers restolen seed>

1: finalcontacts, decarbonise, deliquesces, atrophic, rhodanic, boatsman, requested, diffuse, fifties, celsius, cerebos, qantas,
2: pressed, gulfsite, Cnidaria, diocesan, oceanids, murderess, cliques, diocese, stiff,
3: orchidean, occurs,,
4: consider, sequels, gifu,
5: combats, auxeses, quips, basest / beasts, 
6: conflicts, core-enter, chained, sullies, abates,
7: deserter, corner, Beorc, feuds,
8: unspared, canons,
9: Sumer's,
10: idea,
11: bases,
12: comes,
13: relics,
14: closure, equips,
15: retard / trader, boil, sold,
16: inaner, 
17: combat, euclid,
18: clique, steered, fuels,
19: celts,
20: sources, chain / china,
21: pressed, coders / decors / scored, aides / deas,
22: conflict, beast / beats,
23: electrons.

decarbonise, Cnidaria, deliquesces, atrophic, rhodanic, boatsman, pressed, Qantas, gulfsite, cliques, oceanids, murderess, diocese, stiff, sequels, requested, diffuse, fifties, Celsius, Cerebos, conflicts, feuds, corner, beasts, base ideas, comes, inaner, relics, electrons, steered, coders, sources.


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