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Nostradamus C3 Q9: Share crash that ends overseas travel for the average person.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In the seventeenth to the nineteenth century 'La grand tour' (tour la grand) was deemed almost mandatory for the coming of age of the gentile. In modern times it is once again part of the rites of passage for the young to tour the classic sites of Europe but today it is a far broader range that make the most of the opportunity. The event that will end this new era of non-religious pilgrimage is foretold by this verse and it lies in the crash of the financial system. Such a crash will wipe out not only the savings of the rich but also those of the less wealthy. This focus is provided by anagrams such as subordinate ( ints Bordeau), debtors join ( join- ts Borde), mans false notes consignation (ons et - les fla- mans - conioints Ang), modern (nd mer O), shares (haſſer), crashes ( chaſſer).

The anagrams that are most likely relevant to this Prophecy include:

subordinate debtors bolstering chlorate chlorella enjoy
Bordeaux Rouan et la Rochelle joints

Rome intercadence reanointed two to garland 'la Grand Tour' graal modern 
Tiendront autour la grand mer Occeane

leaflets flames mans consignation boils along tribes notes
Anglois Bretons et les flamans conioints

chases reasons not just weak persuade our housecleaner shares crashes
Leschaſſeront juſque au pres de Rouane
Bordeaux, Rouen and La Rochelle joined
Will hold around the great Ocean sea,
English, Bretons and the Flemings allied
Will chase them as far as Roanne.
Bordeaux Rouan et la Rochelle joints
Tiendront autour la grand mer Occeane
Anglois Bretons et les flamans conioints
Leschaſſeront juſque au pres de Rouane
L1: <joel suBordinate leaRnt auRox (extinct wild bovine) echo><hoRace let Rouuanx Broadest join><~neat ell join Broadest choleRa Rouux~><Rouuanx Broadest tRacheole join><Rouuanx hell locateR enjoi><join adsorBent tRacheolen Rouus> <lateR deBtors join an auRox echo>chLorella (algae)

L2: <our graal not mOdern inTercadence (an extra heart beat)><grandma cOerce inaTe end>< aunt coOerce 'la grand tour ' reanointed><mans false goBlins nAtions icon><tuuo garland rOme>unraTioned named

L3: <lest canons flames bolstering nAtions><note falsest icon Along mans riBs ><consignAtion mans false notes reBoils><mans leaflets insolAting icon>

L4: <norSe SeneSchaL (Officer in charge of nobles household)><persuade norSe houSecLeaner><cLaShes juSt uuaqe pRearoused reaSonS><not juSt uueaq ShareS >treaSonS
1: intercadence, consignation, housecleaner, bolstering, chlorella, reanointed, slanting, goblins, broadest, granular,
2: insolating, signation, tracheole, Seneschal, chelator / chlorate, strobile, leaflets,
3: adsorbent, debtors, choral, coerce, fleets,
4: subordinate, unrationed, boilers, 
5: flames, joint, Jotun, junto,
6: hell,
7: clashes, aurox, Joel,
8: rondeau, canons, Lenaeus, taunt, jnto,
9: Chelsea, just,
10: persuader, cholera, modern, bolis / boils, robed, ioin,
11: rotunda, tribes, jut,
12: nations, chasses, aroused, orbs / robs,
13: oriented, interned, ribs,
14: shares,
15: Horace,
16: uuaqes, join, false / fleas,
17: grandma / Dragman, ardeux,
18: slang,
19: treasons,
20: reasons,
21: chasers / crashes, tuuo,
22: -,
23: -,

consignation, intercadence, housecleaner, bolstering, chlorella, reanointed, 'la grand tour', slanting, goblins, broadest, signation, granular, insolating, tracheole, chlorate, Seneschal, leaflets, adsorbent, debtors, subordinate, choral, coerce, fleets, unrationed, boilers, flames, Junto, cholera, nations, canons, taunt, Horace, modern, shares, wakes, false, reasons, two, crashes, join.


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