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Nostradamus C3 Q10: Hunger driven evacuees bring illness to new countries  from their homelands
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

Nostradamus guide in his 1558 Epistle to Henry [HEE7] about calamitous eventsThe Calamitous events verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesVerse C3 Q10 is one of those referenced by Nostradamus as part of his major story lines. This is achieved by it being one of those that uses a form of the focus word calamitous from his 1558 Henry Epistle. In this verse's first line of text it says Greater calamity of blood and famine.

Nostradamus often enters a modern event under a shield of words that people of different times can relate to but the logic remains that if he could see the future and his content was always meant to be hidden for five hundred years then all the older images are meant to be metaphors or exemplars for events still to unfold.

So it should be possible despite their obscuity to see their scope. In this verse the text relates to a recurrent illness of the blood carried from one country to another in a metaled cage. Anagrams in the second line imply the metaled cage can be an airplane (arine pla) and the diseases carried can include malaria (a la mari).

The timing of this disaster is then set in the same line  by anagrams that say tide-almanac (and calamit) and  alarm Peste of Apsis leaping Easter  (e Sept_fo_is s'app_reſte a_la mar_ine plag).

Nostradamus Centuries 3 Quatrain 10 atmospheric calamity wave of bloodThe anagrams shown in the last part have the property of adjacency and using all the letters in the the second line.

Apsis has a meaning that is highly referent for it refers to the nearest and furthest points of an orbit and hence may tell us information about the source and delivery mechanism of  diseases originating in space.

This verse C3 Q10 is linked to C6 Q05 by its tones. Greater calamity of blood and famine in the first line of this verse is a prime factor but the rest of its text fits well to the concepts in the paired verse in which a metaled cage is the implied source of the calamitous plague event.

Greater calamity of blood and famine,
Seven times it approaches the marine shore:
Monech from hunger, place captured, captivity,
The great one led crunching in a metalled cage.
De ſang et faim plus grand calamite
Sept fois s'appreſte a la marine plage
Monech de faim lieu pris captiuite
Le grand mene croc en ferree caige.
  1. <malac imp DeSignate fate><negateS timeD><tiDe-almanac><plugs calandar time> paulism declaimant DementiaS DemagnetiSe magnetiSeD lumps / slump
  2. <~papers plag'e is leaSt of armenia pest~><plane reSet malaria><papers foist seat alarm<preSet alarm in plage>airplane <alarm leaping eAster>
  3. <pituite [mucus] oMen peculiarism><aruspice [soothsayer] familied pituite ome><peurilism [childish] pact><enoch tiMe fed aim><epirus / uprise mlii [1502]>
  4. <recondemn Large reference><once carefree><conference named Liege career> <enforce career><coerce agiLe men danger refer> <core eLegaic reference manned><men enLarged> enforcer fence coerce

Table listing anagram occurrences (1-23) in Nostradamus' Prophecies

  1. Paulism, reference, magnetised, demagnetise, peculiarism, puerilism, malaria, familied, conference, 
  2. tide-almanac, enforcer
  3. declaimant, pituite, recondemn, carefree, coerce
  4. designate
  5. lumps / slump / plums, leaping, airplane, aruspice, chafed
  6. Palestrae, elegiac (2x), Spica,
  7. dementias
  8. Armenia, enforce, foist, crisp, timed
  9. -
  10. apsis,
  11. -
  12. negates, confer, Marian,
  13. east-end, manned, Maria,
  14. Malac, pacts,
  15. career, fence
  16. gendarme,
  17. oasis,
  18. plainer, Enoch
  19. gales, liege
  20. -
  21. -
  22. Prelates, caps, fates,
  23. -.

Paulism, magnetised, demagnetise, calandar, peculiarism, puerilism, malaria, familied, conference, Paulism, reference, tide-almanac, enforcer, declaimant, pituite, recondemn, carefree, coerce, designate, lumps, leaping, airplane, aruspice, chafed, Palestrae, elegiac, Spica, dementias, Armenia, enforce, foist, crisp, timed, apsis, negates, confer, Marian, east-end, manned, Maria, Malac, pacts, career, fence, gendarme, oasis, plainer, Enoch, gales, liege, Prelates, caps, fates,


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