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Nostradamus C3 Q11: Essenic clan's cloning experiments transformed by latent radiation.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies C3 Q11Aerial warfare lasting a a longtime clips the sacred bough even as the tree in the main city fallsThe anagrams in this verse fit to a major theme contained in many of the prophecies relating to the evolution of man at the end of this century. It comes about by two means one of which is engineered by a sect involved in cloning experiments and the other is via mutations triggered by radioactivity within oceanic material. The experimental version involves the sexual structures of a womanas shown by key anagrams such as  nucleoli lesion usage (u ciel lon - gue ſa - iſon Le), metabolite (ite tombe L'a) and muliebria (bre au mili).

The anagrams for this verse include:

1. Laser beams reticulate nucleoli long use as lesson learn lesions embarass
2. Brave Wiliaem elucidate delicate metabolite marble totemic muliebria
3. Unagile envoys gleaning facet enrobing ganglion
4. Qoran omen roles quared shadier duarchies head Curies comb

# muliebria: medical term used for the female genital organs.
nucleoli: conspicuous rounded bodies within the nucleus of cells made of protein and RNA.
metabolite: the intermediate and final products of metabolism formedi n normal growth and reproduction.
The arms to fight in the sky a long time,
The tree in the middle of the city fallen
Sacred bough clipped steel in face of firebrand
Then the monarch of Adria fallen.
Les armes battre au ciel longue ſaiſon
L'arbre au milieu de la cite tombe
Verbine rong ne glaiue en face tyſon
Lors le monarque d'Hadrie ſuccombe.
L1: <~long uSe embarass a reticulate Lesion`><eSSaion (Essene's) gun batters realmS><eSSaoi Learns gun><LeSson armbase treat nucleoli uSage><~ionS assembLer treat a nucleoli uSage~><~beats aLmoners nucleoli ions uSage rate~><oaSiS Learns><Sensorial uSage> <lucile treat SeSsional armbase>

L2:<~uuiliem era totemic rabbLe deal~><uuiliem delicate citadel barreL tomb><uuiliem barer metaboLite deal><elucidate barreL tomb lie><~delicate barer uuiliem to bLame><mob lattice /tactile barrel>

L3: <yS no Verb facet in negro angel><Bi gleaning nero VerSyon> <yet briny oVenS><facet enrobing angel VerSyon><enVoyS brine facet>

L4: <~comb solemn role duarcHieS quared~><roman roles><qoran raiSed Hued morsel><quran morsel Head Lobe cruiSed>almoners
1: totemic, metabolite, enrobing, sessional,
2: muliebria, duarchies, nucleoli, gleaning, rabbler, envoys,
3: reticulate, elucidate, bramble, shadier, lesions / lioness, Essaion, stony, Essaoi,
4: armsbase / embarass, batters,
5: leauing, unagile, rabble, lesson,
6: assembler, motet,
7: UUiliaem, Roselle, barrel, facet, brine,
8: Salmone, Haredi, batter, ovens,
9: UUiliem, rolls,
10: Curies / cruise, genus,
11: -
12: delicate, almoners (2x), lattice / tactile, stoney, Claude, verb,
13: morsel, hard,
14: dialect / citadel,
15: almoner,
16: -
17: oasis,
18: aduiser,
19: blame,
20: head,
21: marble, face,
22: quoran, qoran, beats / beast, had,
23: tomb.

totemic, nucleoli, metabolite, reticulate, muliebria, lesions, Essaion, Essaoi, duarchies, enrobing, envoys, motet, facet, verb, elucidate, shadier, morsel, armsbase, lesson, embarass, Roselle, UUiliaem, ovens, batters, rabble, almoners, genus, assembler, delicate, lattice, citadel, blame, head, aduiser, stoney, marble, face, qoran, beast, had, brine, barrel, tomb.



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