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Nostradamus C3 Q12: The eternal dilemmas of military innovation.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies C3 Q12 The World floods begin with the rivers of Italy and Southern France and these disaters trigger opportunistic invasions from afar.In December 2014 there was a symposium held to discuss the progress of the nuclear disarmament treaty of 1994 between Russia and the USA. The initials of the group behind the event has the acronym of HURI (Harvard University Research Institute) and this is an important remnant in the anagrams of the fourth line of this verse. It is a remnant in the sense that a quite rational sequence can be assembled from every day-words except for the letters HURI in its midst.

On December 12, 2014, HURI held a symposium entitled Twenty Years after Ukraine's Nuclear Disarmament: Success or Setback for International Security? It was an opportunity to revisit the events around the signing of the Budapest Memorandum and to discuss the lessons of its breach for Ukraine and the rest of the world as well as the implications for international nonproliferation efforts and global security.


There is another scientific reference point in the anagrams that has intriguing accuracy. In the second line there are adjacent anagrams for saltpetreand nitrate (Et par l'eſta - t Aretin). Saltpetre is a chemical that has the chemical name Potassium Nitrate. Imbedded in the same line is the name Tamerlane ( Leman et Ar)a fourteenth century Mongol warrior whose memory still terrified the world of the early sixteenth century. But Tamerlane's war machine was the foundation of the gunpowder revolution that swept Europe's military systems in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and saltpetre (Potassium Nitrate) is an essential part of gunpowder.

The anagrams from which this framework comes include:

1. Poem rued meteor embitter Phoebe goat matural
2. Talermane name saltpetre nitrate patient gentleman Angel
3. Grux needles used and deceits fetches aged organ
4. But in main print minors yes-no part inhibit-uranium
Because of swelling of Ebro Po TagusTiber in Rome
And because of the pond of Geneva and Arezzo,
The two great chiefs and cities of the Garonne,
Taken, dead, drowned: human booty divided.
Par la tumeur de Heb Po Tag Timbre et Rome
Et par l'eſtang Leman et Aretin
Les deux grands chefs et citez de Garonne
Prins mors noyez. Partir humain butin.
L1: <Poem Tree altar><rude goaT embiTter Phebe moRe> <Timber goaT Phebe meteoR / Remote Palmature (webbed fingers)> <PhoebeTag iT rude amulet>

L2: <~angeL name nitrAte SaltpEter~><retAin neat Segmental part><~angeL meant retAin SaltpEter~><~gentLeman pErtain leaSt rAte~><~tALermane Strangle patiEnt~><~tAlerMane agentS in plattEr~>

L3: <cateGorized needLes fetches grux sand><eLse cited Gaze norn uxed><zetetic (seeking) Grade none eLudes>

L4:<but in main Part huri (Harvard University Research Institute) yez no ><Print morons sin> <inhibit-uranium partyez>Putin / inPut
1: gentleman, inhibit-uranium, fetches, platters, embitter, Phoebe,
2: transplantee, saltpetre, chiefest, zetetic, rheumed, butain, berime, yez,
3: palmature, segmental, timber, goat, Hebe,
4: patient,
5: mangle, emanate,
6: Oryons, input / Putin, HURI,
7: leproma, Palermo, amulet, needles, minab, partz,
8: Tamerlane, 
9: nitrate, ember,
10: entreat,
11: rotunda, tribes, jut,
12: -,
13: tangles, Grux,
14: -
15: enamel,
16: gendarme,
17: pertain, meteor / remote, atop,
18: plaster / psalter, trainee, yesno, but,
19: norms,
20: strangle, inept,
21: -,
22: -,
23: simon, poem, apez,
gentleman, inhibit-uranium, fetches, timber, platters, embitter, Phoebe, saltpetre, nitrate, segmental, goat, HURI, transplantee, paTient, entreat, Palermo, mangle, Tamerlane, tribes, Grux,  meteor, pertain, inept, poem, yes no, meter.



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