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Nostradamus C3 Q13: Furnace used to clean German city of cholera.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text in this verse gives a description of an electrical device used to manufacture fuel for a submersible machine. The same tone can be found in the anagrams but it redirects the focus to a generator (or et argen) used for destroying infectious waste during a bout of cholera (l'arche or) in a citadel (De la cit). However when a German (manger) made pellet (te le pl) is found (fondu) it releases a foul (foul)  reagent (et argen).

The anagrams setting the frame for understanding this Prophecy include:

foul lender learned reachgreater  generator cholera reagent found pound far
Par fouldre en l'arche or et argent fondu

argumental era deduces excu[s]ed if pact fits neutral german deed
De deux captifs l'vn lautre mangera

elucidated Pellus pellets dangers citadel tuned 
De la cite le plus grand eſtendu

eagle scales range aquan submerged
Quand ſubmergee la claſſe nagera
Through lightning in the arch gold and silver melt
Of two captives one will eat the other:
The greatest one of the city stretched out,
When submerged the fleet will swim.
Par fouldre en l'arche or et argent fondu
De deux captifs l'vn lautre mangera
De la cite le plus grand eſtendu
Quand ſubmergee la claſſe nagera
L1: <learn chore for often a great Pound ruled><greater chore learned foul Par-t found><cholera generator reach foul lender><learned font echo reagent>foragent

L2:<argumental era Deducex><danger mature><neutral geman uxe Dead pact><anvl true manager Deed><if Dead pact uxe><german vultan lifts era>exuDed

L3: <citaDel / Dialect tuned pulse dangerS~><underStande Delicate splurge> clauDe eluciDated

L4: <aQuan range SeaS Submerged><aS generaS call><eagle ScaleS anger>aScella
1: understande, foragent, elucidated,
2: argumental, submerged, argument, engraft, greater, nvlls,
3: garmenture, elucidate, generator, forgent, buds / dubs, emerge,
4: deducex, submerge, denude,
5: Ascella,
6: manager, degrade, lifts, aquan
7: charnel, reecho, learner,
8: found, pellet,
9: -
10: cholera,
11: splurge, merge,
12: delicate, Claude, embus, call,
13: deranged, caudex, cleaner, exuded / deduxe, often,
14: dialect / citadel, pound, mature, foul, orate,
15: Horace,
16: aqua,
17: eagle,
18: agreed, Pelle, anvl,
19: reagent, Pellus,
20: engram, German, cauxe,
21: lender,
22: Rachel,
23: Sudan, dud,

understand, elucidated, foragent, argumental, generator, submerged, engraft, greater, buds, manager, deduce, German, nitrate, pellet, found, cholera, citadel, often, cleaner, exuded, foul, reagent, eagle, agreed.


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