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Nostradamus C3 Q15: French investors gain control of the Gawler Craton's great mineral wealth.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

There is a most peculiar theme that can be found in the anagrams of this and the previous relating to a remote part of South Australia. Whereas C3 Q14 has anagrams for Australien financier researchist envision shield riches this verse has anagrams for the Gawler (uguera L) Craton (contra) a potentially mineral rich area basin that is covered by an ancient shield of erosion. although one world class mine for copper, uranium and gold has been established at Olympic Dam on the cratons eastern( ent ſera) rim this is not enough to warrant Nostradamus' interest. Both verses mention France in their text but for their to be any point in these particular anagrams yet-to-be-made world-beating discoveries of vital strategic importance would have to occur. It is therefore in the distant future.

The anagrams providing understanding of this verse include:

genearch encourage carnage giver urge oiler gene anchorage
Coeur vigueur gloire le regne changera

steadier raiders spouted pseudonitrosite pious counterpoints year nasty ancestor octenary astound
De tous points contre ayant ſon aduerſaire

flora's afference (improper) fan compare mortar robust Gawler bewig
Lors France enfance par mort ſubiuguera

cratons ravine a grander vein arrive proconsuls consult generates ultrasonic  reagents endanger regents
Vn grand regent ſera lors plus contraire
# pseudonitrosite: any of a class of compounds isomeric with nitrosites and characterized by the grouping −C(NO)C(NO2) - has a tendency to explode using older preparation methods.
# octenary: relating to or based on the number eight.
The realm, will change in heart, vigor and glory,
In all points having its adversary opposed
Then through death France an infancy will subjugate
A great Regent will then be more contrary.
Coeur vigueur gloire le regne changera
De tous points contre ayant ſon aduerſaire
Lors France enfance par mort ſubiuguera
Vn grand regent ſera lors plus contraire
L1: <genearch enCourage><enCourage each genre><gene changer><regence anChorage>Carnage graCe greuu uglier-role

L2: <into naSty ancestor arieS spouted><an octenary pseuDonitrosite aStound><Steadier pontious aSunder><pontious tiereD urSae><to pious const-ant year> ancient-story raiSed

L3: <i compare Frances robuSt gauuler fan><i greuu Far soLar burSt fan compare> fence argue

L4: <net alertS proconsuls danger arriVe><aVerring neareSt / eaStern danger><grander ravine reagentS><grander craton riven><aVerring reSt endanger pallors counts><enterS soar danger><consult air polars graven danger enterS><alterS gender><alterS gene>ultrasonic reagentS generateS Vergina (Greece) / Vinegar terrain.
1: pseudonitrosite, ancient-story, ultrasonic, nepotious, anchorage, octenary,
2: proconsuls, compartner, pallors, spouted,
3: Pontious, consult, Tyrtaean, vergina / vinegar, 
4: encourage, compare, regence, burst,
5: astound, carnage, counts, robust,
6: raiders, arrive,
7: nasty, Tanya,
8: Cratons, rondeau, points, regents,
9: reastounds, steadier, Gauuler,
10: encharge / genearch,
11: graven, spout,
12: ravine / vainer, grace,
13: pious,
14: bust,
15: fence,
16: -
17: -
18: endanger, aduiser, 
19: -
20: ancestor, generates / teenagers,
21: ousted, greuu (2x),
22: uuager, outed, year,
23: mortar.

 ultrasonic, pseudonitrosite, mortar, octenary, proconsuls, consult, Tyrtaean, ancient-story, encourage, robust, raiders, arrive, nasty, burst, astound, Tanya, regence, counts, carnage, compare, Gawler, Cratons, eastern, ravine, steadier, anchorage, points, reastounds, pious, genearch, bust, fence, endanger, adviser, ancestor, generates, year, ousted.


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