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Nostradamus C3 Q16: A battle for rights to fields sees one of three children die.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 2 Quatrain 53  Just Blood Crimeans Soviet NarcismAs with the previous verse the anagrams of this current verse there are strong indications in the anagrams of a battle over resources with the mineral in question in this verse being crude (ur de c) oils (lois) and its refined product gasoline (e Anglois) with all three being found in the first line of text which says  An English prince (with) Mars (War) in his heavenly heart. In each of the first three lines there are anagrams for gods and goddesses from different ancient cultures that imply that the issues under challenge relate to the fortuitous manner by which the owner's wealth is unlocked. It is also apparent from both the text and anagrams that the battle begins over what is meant to be a shared inheritance.

The anagrams that are most likely relevant to this Prophecy include:

1. Gasoline crude arsons reduce organismal analogism Moiras  evil pincer
2. Fortuna Portunes overdue uproars devour peers auriferous props
3. Cereal fields exuded clearer life seeds parcener sell 
4. By same seed many delay day
# Fortuna: name of Roman Goddess of Luck who could be both capricious or bountiful upon a whim - she was one of the three Parcae (Fates).
# Moiras: three Greek Goddesses of destiny equivalent to the Roman Parcae, English Fates and Nordic Norns.
# Portunes: god of keys, doors and livestock in ancient Roman religion.
# lignocaine: local anaesthetic used for minor surgery such as dental work.
# parcener
: in law a co-heir or person who takes anequal sharewith another or others.

More detail can be read in my paper titled American Disaster in Iran.

An English prince Mars in his heavenly heart
Will want to pursue his prosperous fortune,
Of the two duels one will pierce his gall
Hated by him well loved by his mother.
Vn prince Anglois Mars a ſon coeur de ciel
Voudra pourſuiure ſa fortune proſpere
Des deux duelles l'vn percera le fiel
Hay de luy bien ayme de ſa mere.
L1: <niceAn algorisMs><reinclVde orgAnisMals pincer><So uncoerced gAsoline arMs a lie><So arMs as oil once eVil crude><arSons aimS congeal><congeniAl aiMs><So Moiras rune-code as Angel><aiMs alonG pincer><Saros /Soars aims Along uncoerced evil><reduce eVil><once Along Saros /Soars crude aims>AnalogisM losing lignocAine

L2: <As ever our uuiSer furtune props><~fortuna peer uuiSer prose pourS a Vuord~><aS propS for uuiSer tunes oVerdue><Usuries uproar oVerdue><far urSae portuneS peer Vuord><deVour proSe ur portune Safe><fortune Vapoured rouuS proSper><perSon peer><auriferous rows portunes>

L3: <pen seed clearer field><pen uxe dell cereal fielD used><real life Deeds uxed> <~parcener uxed levells life Deludes~><pen career><pen Defiles clearer levells>

L4: <buy delay Hareem i Seed many><Here bi a Seed na-me my day as yule><deemS any Hareem bi yule day><Here endyma buy same delay>
1: uuord-pairs, algorisms, uncoerced, lignocaine,
2: organismal, endyma, analogism, sparrouu, revuord, overdue,
3: congenial, vapoured, auriferous, hareems, clearer,
4: buy,
5: Fortuna, parcener, defiles, props, soars,
6: delay,
7: Nicean, arsons, cereal,
8: deduxes, uproars,
9: -
10: gasoline, reduce, many, field,
11: -
12: portunes, 
13: crude,
14: prune, rouus, 
15: devour, career,
16: usuries, Moiras, refail, cried, over,
17: -
18: Portune, ounce,
19: day,
20: vuord,
21: -
22: uuiser, creep,
23: here.

vapoured, lignocaine, buy, clearer, organismal, endyma, word-pairs, algorisms, reword, overdue, rune-code, Moiras, uncoerced, analogism, Fortuna, auriferous, parcener, defile(s), congenial, hareems, props, delay, Nicean, cereal, uproars, devour, rows, prune, usuries, many, arsons, reduce, gasoline, field, Portunes, career, cried, over, day, wiser, word, creep, here.



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