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Nostradamus C3 Q18: The legend of the Holy Grail affects a modern battle in France.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 3 Quatrain 30  The bride of the Christ clone is exposed to danger in her journey across Islam occupied IberiaElements of the Holy Grail story appear in the anagrams of this verse such as Rosslyn (ls Roys n') and Rex Deus (res d'eux) convey the idea of a maternal lineage of Christ which then gives colour to the last two lines of text.

The anagrams are also filled with the concept of the murexide style dyes used in royal apparel. A trade in related dyes was what made Jean de Bernuy of Toulouse rich enough to interact with the court of Nerac from whence the Bourbon line of French kings would emerge.

The first line of the text is an allusion to pregnancy and the period during birth and up to the time the child is weaned. This explanation comes from the mutal ties between this and the next verse C3 Q19 since both include references to blood and milk (i.e maternal bloodline) while the next verse also has a clearly identifiable term describing early pregnancy.

The anagrams setting the frame for understanding this Prophecy include:

1. Palestrae apparels Paul Yule stoicalness lesson gun asset loses tongue
2. UUiser Ieuus usuries let climes touch luxuries hence murexide  enpulse
3. Citadels passenger conflicted clue unpresaged Rex-Deus papers quotes
4. Rosslyn life-story sensory filters Norse patron prop echo
# Palestrae: Name from ancient Greece for a small place where training in wrestling and athletics took place.
murexide: a chemical dye used to reproduce the qualities of 'royal purple' obtained by the ancients using highly expensive dye from murex gastropods.
# Rex Deus: name applied to those having same maternal bloodline as Jesus.
Rosslyn: name of a chapel noted for its links to stories of Christ's bloodline.
After the rain milk for long enough,
In several places in Reims the sky touched
Oh what a bloody battle approaches them,
Fathers and sons Kings will not dare approach.
Apres la pluye laict aſſes longuette
En pluſieurs lieux de Reims le ciel touche
O quel conflict de ſang pres d'eux s'appreſte
Peres et fils Roys n'oſeront approcher.
L1: <tongue repeAts yule pall less as i act><StoicalneSs a pulley><yule pall leSson aS i act>

L2: <Reduxe climes outlie hEnce uuiSer lies><Rex-dieu climes uuiSer lies><I uxed seemlieR rules><Remedi luxuries><usurieS uxed seelieR lie><hEnce pluS rules i outlie Rexdieu climes><muRexide lies><riles ieuuS><dReux lies>touch

L3: <~papers quOteS pangS rex-deus clone 'flicted ~> <unpresaged edictS><papers quOte xeus clone><papers uxed paSsenger quOteS><conflicted seed Sprang><auspex prequOtes flicted cone Sprang><citadelS / diStance /edictS flounce> cadentS

L4: <patron noSy Peers rechop seer life-stoRy><~or patron Peers stifle her sensory crop~><Sensory filteRS not a seer prop Perch><seer fit Rosslyn not Peer rose><Rosslyn rose not lift a seer prop ><prop no treAson Perch><Presee oR patron lifts Sensory chore><Peers filteRs> fReest
1: lifestory, stoicalness, filters, luxuries,
2: contraprop, salt-petre, murexide, flounce, Rosslyn, stifles,
3: conflicted, touch, assets, euoqe,
4: reappeals, apparels, seemlier, climes,
5: unpresaged, passenger, pulley, stifle, lesson,
6: Palestrae, Oryons, Rex-Deus, quotes, lifts, palls,
7: citadels, cadents, sensory, quote,
8: auspex,
9: sprang,
10: tongue,
11: -
12: -
13: distance / citadens, edicts, pangs,
14: -
15: lasses,
16: usuries, Lepuy,
17: Ieuus / uuise,
18: chopper, freest, lift,
19: uuiles,
20: operant, patter, exuder / reduxe,
21: -
22: prelates, uuiser, Dreux,
23: hence.

life-story, stoicalness, salt-petre, filters, murexide, luxuries, Rosslyn, flounce, stifles, conflicted, assets, apparels, seemlier, touch, evoqe, unpresaged, passenger, pulley, lesson, Rex-Deus, quotes, Palestrae, Oryons, climes, lifts, citadels, sensory, palls, cadents, quote, auspex, tongue, distance, edicts, lasses, sprang, hence, Dreux, Lepuy, Jews, usuries, lift, freest, operant, wiles.



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