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Nostradamus C3 Q22: The battle in Lille that is the model for a future war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The dominant theme in this verse is a battle to suppress religious heresy and the story line implies that people in the city of Lille, northern France, who publicly worship a god of fertility are set upon by armies from several nations who will then fight over the spoils. This event in a single city provides the allusion for the major war that will follow along similar lines later in this century.

The anagrams setting the frame for understanding this Prophecy include:

assaults wasted unactivated noticed intoned enjoins
Six jours l'aſſaut deuant cite donne

forestate obstreperate poetaster repeats betrayal Lille Baalite bilateral abate
Liuree ſera forte et aſpre bataille

Orientals riots d'Orleans notate extenuator pardon none
Trois la rendront et a eux pardonne

leafleteers stagnature Catharine trial Lille literal features ill earth chanter sang
le reſte a feu et sang tranche traille
# poetaster: one who writes inferior poetry.
# Baalite: worshipper of fertility god(s).
# obstreperate: refers to be coming noisy and unco-operative.
Six days the attack made before the city
Battle will be given strong and harsh
Three will surrender it, and to them pardon
The rest to fire and to bloody slicing and cutting
Six jours l'aſſaut deuant cite donne
Liuree ſera forte et aſpre bataille
Trois la rendront et a eux pardonne
le reſte a feu et sang tranche traille
L1: <SuSa noticed urals taunted><aSSaults our joix><none cited uSa laSs attuned our Six> <our laSs uuasted intact node><our laSs noted uuaSted antic>

L2: <poetaSter fear bilateral seer><repeatS baalite eraSe fort><Seer foreState / foretaSte Lille era><eraSe for preState ill abate><obStreperate (make clamour) fearS><paSt betraiaL>

L3: <extenuator pardon rioT / Trio slander><~irelands Toner rotten radon /adorn pauxe><orienTals / relaTions adorn / radon rotten pauxe><orienTals / relaTions notate pardon uxe> israel sailor

L4: <catharine grants><agents ill chanter / tranche art><chanter sang fateS literal reeL><chanter trial LeafleteerS angst><chanter ill stagnature><ill earth / heart / Thera arctangents>easter / teresa
1: unactiuated, obstreperate, arctangents, extenuator, stagnature, leafleteers,
2: Catharine, poetaster, betraial,
3: foretaste / forestate, assaults, Baalite, uuasted,
4: abate,
5: bilateral, noticed, notate,
6: intoned,
7: -
8: assault,
9: orientals / relations,
10: attuned / taunted, uuanted, Raouls,
11: Irelands, trench, sailor,
12: -
13: literal, liars,
14: intact, estate,
15: Lille (2x), feast / fates,
16: chanter / tranche,
17: -
18: earth / heart / Thera,
19: -
20: beta / beat,
21: -
22: unseat, fate,
23: reliue / reuile.

leafleteers, obstreperate, unactivated, extenuator, stagnature, betrayal, Catharine, noticed, poetaster, forestate, Baalite, assaults, wasted, intoned, heart, beat, chanter, notate, bilateral, trench, abate, orientals, taunted, literal, liars, Irelands, sailor, wanted, Raouls, intact, estate, Lille, unseat, earth, fate.


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