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Nostradamus C3 Q24: The dangers when temporal experts tamper with a masterpiece.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 3 Quatrain 24 Nost recognizes ancient legends honoored the fairies but advises making this same judgementThis verse contains Nostradamus' warning about humans tampering with the genetic code. There are anagrams for end code which is the three letter combination of three codons signalling the end of an instruction (TAA, TAG, TGA) and shorter genes. However it applies the same standards to printers and writers over the ages and finds them wanting especially when presenting his own work to the public.

The anagrams setting the frame for understanding this Prophecy include:

1. Delusion enter printers endangers end code fusion representing DNA
Preamble repleted shorter genes reunions  in numerable heritors

3. Onduty fairies once core retentions
4. Macedonians aquifers  record of Nimrod Balafre daemonic fairies fable

# Nimrod: great grandson of Noah - considered to be rebellious to God.
# Balafre: Henry I, Duke of Guise- 16thC - Founded Catholic League to protect Royal lines religiosity.

Great confusion in the enterprise,
Loss of people, countless treasure
You ought not to extend further there.
France, let what I say be remembered.
De l'entreprinſe grande confuſion
Perte de gens threſor innumerable
Tu n'y dois faire encore tenſion
France a mon dire fais que fois recordable.
L1: <~olDen Sufi repreSenting ordnance~><one printer endangerS fuSion><anger printerS confusE oDin / leoniDs><printer enD code fuSion rangeS><once olDen Sufi Singer / reignS repent><repreSenting olDen decan fusion><repreSenting unsoileD>

L2: <Permeable reunionS greeted><Peter in numerable Shorter genes><~heritorS genes deter nun Preamble~><horSe detergents rePel bear> replete

L3: <d'ny sofia erection TenSion><once sefira / fairies reTentions><noT Secretion><once fairies entrieS>re-erection

L4: <macedonian aquifers Fable is foe record>sefira ran daemonic Fable records><arcane nimrod Fable records><fear is balaFre (Francis, Duke of Guise,1562) dominance><fire daemon><fear /afire domain><is a friend>comnena (Byzantine emperor)
1: representing, Macedonian, three-sons, permeable, onduty,
2: detergents, daemonic / comedian/ midocean, confused, unsoiled, heritors, Balafre,
3: preamble, reerection, numerable, records, fairies (2x), daemon,
4: retentions, aquifers, reunions, greeted, petered, Sofia,
5: confuse, friend, fable, bleep,
6: core-enter, fusion, record, manure, 
7: secretion, ordnance, shorter / others, replete,
8: Reimond, domain, Nimrod, Balder, broad, quasi, arcane, Farsi, nun,
9: endangers,
10: Raimond, printers, Leonids, Odins, bad,
11: fired,
12: Draco,
13: reblame,
14: -
15: printer / reprint, Sufi,
16: bard,
17: resign / reigns / singer, Iosef, menu,
18: blade, 
19: -
20: amber,
21: marble,
22: monad /nomad,
23: sefira (2x).

shorter genes, representing, Macedonian, heritors, three-sons, records, numerable, retentions, Nimrod, fable, preamble, confused, daemonic, fairies, Balafre, daemon, greeted, unsoiled, aquifers, Sofia, friend, reunions, enter-core, ordnance, fusion, Farsi, amber, blade, endangers, nun, Reimond, broad, domain, fired, bad, printers, bard, reblame, singer, Sufi, menu, Odins, Draco, Leonids, sefira, monad, marble, re-erection.

, detergents,

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