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Nostradamus C3 Q25: The bounds of a future kingdom in southern France.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 3 Quatrain 25 He who attains the Kingdom of Navavree when Naples & Loron are joinedThe text of this is clearly about alliances and the definition of the bounds of a kingdom however the anagrams focus on the setings in a modern time that will allow the events in the text to be properly determined.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Your uuar-name aurora upraise ruined Paris aquarium
2. Squint into planets Norse Eddan eddic-lines jot
3. Eternal brigand relegation panders for intoned oxyl orient
4. Incorporation condition
paragenesis easing quin rapport
#quintains:five day observations.
: having a spheroid shape due to stretching along the polar axis.
# centile
: the 99 points dividing an object into 100 parts.

: the order in which minerals in rocks or veins have been crystallized.
He who attains the kingdom of Navarre
When Sicily and Naples will be joined
He holds Bigorre and Landes via Foix and Loron
From one who too closely allied with Spain
Qui au Royaume Nauarrois paruiendra
Quand de Sicile et Naples ſeront joints
Bigore et Landes par Foyx loron tiendra
D'vn qui d'Espaigne ſera par trop conioint.
L1: <~youR quandari i upraise a aurora menu~><a uuarName youR Quai or paris ruined ~> amouRy (led anticathars)

L2: <eddic-lines not join leSser plaNet sQuat><norSe jot plaNets quintans (every 5th day)><joint prolateNeSs> <centile Sided pleaSes / elapSes><norSe jot elite diSced plaNeS>undead paleNeSs Sadden Seers Sleep

L3: <Foxy Brand spared orient reLegation><eternaL spread oF orient oxyl><~oxyl Boarding rapes orient Land oF tree~><Foray reobLigate trained on spend><Brigand>intend Borgia intoned

L4: <rapport into paragEneSis icon><incorporation reapS<upsidE gain><paragEneSis rapport conDition><conDition eaSing raptor rape><parageneSia proctor><into ion era part eaSing crop><genreS apart>
1: uuar-name, incorporation, your quandari, condition, reboarding, eddic-lines, reobligate, boarding, your-name, foxy,
2: contraprop, quintans, brigand, proctor, 
3: quandari, relegation, prolateness, Amoury,
4: paragenesis, squat, big,
5: intend, joint, aurora,
6: rapport, intoned, 
7: spear of, foray,
8: undead, jnto,
9: Nauarre,
10: upside, ioin,
11: planets, sided, jot,
12: intone,
13: -
14: planet, plant,
15: -
16: unrepaid / unpaired, Piraeus / upraise, join, spade (2x), bard,
17: elapses / pleases, eternal, menu,
18: spend,
19: brand,
20: spied, apart,
21: -
22: iraqu, quid,
23: -

war-name, incorporation, your quandary, eddic-lines, reobligate, quintans, condition, your-name, sided, foxy, brigand, proctor, relegation, Amoury, foray, big, paragenesis, intend, prolateness, joint, aurora, squat, intoned, rapport, pleases, spear of, Nauarre, upraise, undead, jot, upside, planets, join, bard, eternal, menu.




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