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Nostradamus C3 Q26: Navarre printer uses Islums zero as a secure cipher for sacred code
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015,  Feb 2023

 Nostradamus Centuries 3 Quatrain 26 Prophecy and prescience are seen to be part of the heritage of religious code imbedded in objects like the Turin shroudThis and the following verse make sense when they are considered as being about the way the printing process is used to conceal Nostradamus' code. Their anagrams fit into the schemes documented by Agrippa, the writer who in Nostradamus' life-time was one of the foremost authorities on ancient coding techniques (see my paper on Agrippa for more). One of the potent sequences in line one says since redress not Islum sacred rose types (inces - dreſſer - ont -ſimul - acres D- es Ro - ys et p  ).

The anagrams setting the frame for understanding this Prophecy include:

1. Islum crusaders redress secularism sacred musical types discern prescient creeds  persistency
2. Guru azure auspices secure lesz uselesz Pisces

3. time erode date crusader contrive
4.  Prescient percipients exist in Norse textiles

They will prepare idols of Kings and Princes,
Soothsayers and empty prophets elevated:
Horn, victim of gold, and azure, dazzling,
The soothsayers will be interpreted.

Des Roys et princes dreſſeront ſimulacres
Augures creuz eſleuez aruſpices
Corne victime doree et d'azur d'acre
Interpretez ſeront les extipices.
  1. <iSlum not redreSS since Rose types sacreD><sacReD Islum not redeSS prescient><ReDress muSical not redreSS persistency><discern StormineSS><Seers Secularism torn><Or luminantS types screeDs>

  2. <AuSpices urge><usAge rescue/ secure Zeus><piSceS azure><sleeue>

  3. <cruzader Conceiver ee dateZ time rod>< class="auto-style86"><< class="auto-style87">Cruzad'r corner timed vice< class="auto-style86">>

  4. <prInters><Interpret zeroeS><let Norse textiles zet Pisce> <enterprIse><explicitness><rezet prescIent> <entrIes>

The texts of verses C5 Q69 and C3 Q26 are united by their shared usage of gold and azure but in C5 Q69 the additional term vermeil is used. Vermeil is silver coated with a layer of gold which gives grand decorative pieces the appearance of being gold while reducing its weight. Its usage in these verses therefore implies semi-precious objects embedded with sky-blue coloured gemstones. C3 Q26 also uses the term phalanx meaning a finger or toe which implies the object in this verse is a dress-ring.

1: secularism, persistency, cruzader, textiles, conceiver,
2: auspices, discern, Pisces,
3: percipients, contrive, screeds, types,
4: simulant, declares, augurs, sextile, datez, Syros, exist
5: musical, auspice, incites, storminess, reinspects, presetz, rescuer,  Zeus
6: enterprise, interpret, 
7: recipients, invect, corner, epics (2x ),
8: prescient (2x ), secular, sacred, resetz, timed, azure,  guru,
9: Nauarre,
10: printers,
11: rezones,
12: zeroes, secure,
13: encript, evict, augur, exit,
14: Troyes, Islum, creeds, zest,
15: reprint / printer, zeros, vice,
16: preinset, epic (2x )
17: princes, zete,
18: alum, seerz,
19: raze,
20: redress, zees,
21: greuu,
22: encites, uuager,
23: leuees, sleeue,

cruzader, secularism, persistency, discern, percipients, contrive, screeds, textiles, types, simulant, timed, Pisces, datez, Syros, storminess, exist, prescient, musical, incites, augurs, auspice, presetz, Zeus, sacred, enterprise, Navarre, printers, declares, epics, recipients, reset, guru, encript, secure, zeroes, interpret, Islum, creeds.



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