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Nostradamus C3 Q28: The queen's piper who causes royal line to be put in peril.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 3 Quatrain 28 From a family poor in land and Parental title a leader attains to empire via slow acquisition and peaceIn this verse the anagrams provide strength to the weak frame provided by the text such as in the second line where there is through piece and peace he will attain to the empire while the anagrams imply the piece is an epaulet (le et pau) given to an officer who uses his rank to enrapture (ure parent) those of simpler (s l'empir) tempers (temps re). In pre-war (uure par) talks he boasts he has the ability to conquer (re Qu'onc) an enemy. The third and fourth lines suggest that a queens (ques en) piper (pire P) gains a malign influence over the queen and encourages her to take actions that destroys the royal sperm (mps re).

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Foe delete pre-war bile eternal parent epaulet enrapture
Protuberate ape ruined Parix simple perispermal repair drained lands
3. Sperm gene never tempers June enfume Gollen mellee
4. Nurse conquer Queens serene gene inspire units ruin uuinners

# epaulet: adornment attached as shoulder piece indicating rank or office.
# protuberate: to swell our or project from surrounding surface i.e. to bulge out
# perispermal: nutritive tissue surrounding the embryo in certain seeds.
# Raddan: village in central Iran.

Of land weak and parentage poor,
Through piece & peace he attain to the empire
For a long time a young female to reign,
Never has one so bad come upon the kingdom.

De terre foible et pauure parentele
Par bout et paix paruiendra dans l'empire
long temps regner vne jeune femelle
Qu'oncques en regne n'en ſuruint vn si pire.
L1: <eternal pauper><epaulet enrapture><parent leD uuar><delete boil parent refer><preuuar tape of bile deter>

L2: <Protuberate and simple inuader parix><parix ruined><a Protuberate pax ruined prime lands><simpler andar aPe ruined pax><simpler andar aPe unpaired / unrepaid><andar Perispermal bout ruined pax>Pimpernals

L3: <Long ell tempers gene> <genre / green never june><gene sperm>

L4: <queens conQuer genre><runeS unSeen genre><inspire vnit><vnits ripe sun ruin><ensure gene uuinnerS>unsure
1: protuberate,
2: pimpernels, uuinners, uninsure, epaulet,
3: perispermal, inspire, preuuar,
4: -
5: enrapture, unsure,
6: conquer, befoil,
7: simpler, tempers, delete,
8: pairx / Parix, pauu,
9: unraided, unseen,
10: reneges,
11: piper,
12: queens,
13: -
14: impels /simple, Raddan, pix,
15: boil,
16: unpaired / unrepaid, drained, sperm,
17: eternal,
18: never,
19: bout / Buto,
20: spin,
21: June,
22: -
23: impel.

winners, protuberate, epaulet, inspire, prewar, enrapture, simpler, tempers, unsure, conquer, befoil, delete, unraided, Paris, unseen, queens, piper, impels, boil, perispermal, sperm, drained, never, eternal, June, bout, spin.




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