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Nostradamus C3 Q30: The poor man who becomes a Sunni superstar in the mid 21st century.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The presence of an anagram for Sharon (s harno) provides a platform for understanding this verse since it implies the story line is about the future of the Palestinian state. The stated anagram plus other anagrams such as Sunni (ins Nu) and Sudan (Nud ſa) also suggests this is one of a cluster about this topic since there are other names for modern leaders and religious sects in the Middle East in nearby verses.

The anagrams from which the frame for this verse can be rebuilt include:

clue uniquely unlit feature fear eraufaict citable libel clique
Celuy qu'en luitte et fer au faict bellique

Yule purely reply Paris uproar petrol splurge [s]quander
Aura porte plus grand que luy le pris

civil-stat[e] [e]xist Fauntleroy plant equiped inductee
De nuict au lict ſix luy feront la pique

Hansard Sharon aubrites subsist busiest tribes upraise Sunni Sudan
Nud ſans harnois ſubit ſera ſurprins
# Fauntleroy: old name based on 'the son of the king'.
# aubrites: stony meteorites.
Hansard: transcripts of Parliamentary debates in many Commonwealth countries.
Urfa: short version of current name for ancient Edessa in Turkey.
He who during the struggle with steel in the deed
Will have carried off the prize from on greater the prize
By night six will carry the grudge to his bed,
Without armor he will be surprised suddenly.
Celuy qu'en luitte et fer au faict bellique
Aura porte plus grand que luy le pris
De nuict au lict ſix luy feront la pique
Nud ſans harnois ſubit ſera ſurprins
L1: <urfa Clique citable><uniquely feature ett clue> fear after yule

L2: <pAris yule uproar><port Aura yule perils><petrol sugar><and splurge is purely port Aura>pirAeus / uprAise persiA pulley purilely reply

L3: <yule-frontal Six equip uncited><uncited / induce tonal equip> inDuctee

L4: <Sudan has iron eraS iNns SubSists><sharon aSSure Sudan iSus siN bit><Sudan siN sharon uprearS iSus bits><urSa buSieSt ions><era SubSist on><urSa tribeS><hanSards suNni ions SubSite / buSieSt>
1. Hansards, reply, subsist,
2: Fauntleroy, uniquely, equiped, Sunni,
3: superstar, Sharon,
4: -
5: citable, pulley, purely, nuns,
6: aubrites, piqued, until, quey,
7: Rohan,
8: pliant, feature, purrs, 
9: inductee,
10: busiest, subs,
11: splurge, tribes,
12: -
13: -
14: petrol, plant,
15: bites,
16: Piraeus / upraise, quill, Lepuy, bits,
17: -
18: clique, uprears,
19: auras,
20: cluey,
21: belt,
22: libel,
23: Sudan.

Hansards, reply, Fauntleroy, inductee, subsist, uniquely, equiped, Sunni, superstar, Sharon, citable, quey, until, aubrites, belt, purely, nuns, pliant, feature, until, inductee, busiest, subs, splurge, petrol, plant, pulley, bits, bites, Piraeus, clique, Lepuy, quill, uprears, cluey, auras, libel, Sudan, tribes.


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