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Nostradamus C03 Q32: Goering mutation experments on pre-human primate species.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 3 Quatrain 33 The legendary Angevin line becames part of Tuscany heritage exploited by Goeringbedded in objects like the Turin shroudIn this verse's anagrams is an allusion to Eannatum (Mantuane) the ruler of the first empire in the recorded history of mankind. There is also an anagram for Goering (oing Ger) which is followed by waken manic (maniq -ue Quan). With these two names are anagrams for pseudoancestral area (era a - upres de la Toſcan), quadrumanes (ue Quand Mars),  reproach a deal to scan super apes  (prochera - a - upres - de la - To ſcan e S'ap) and mutant (t Mantu) which in total resonates with what we know about the empire building actions of Hitler and Goering in World War II. And such a scenario is consistent with the message in the third line of text. The two names found so far in this verse represent the past and present that he claimed form the allusion for a future event.

Anagrams giving a frame to this verse include:

1. Gundealer enlarged pulse uplanders lurched up equaling aquatile Aquitaine plaque
2. Super area persuade reproach pseudoancestral coastal ocean apes 
3. Unique quadrumanes persuades Goering remaining quin predacious

4. Eannatum nature-tree elegant  mutant lead true rioter

# Eannatum: Sumerian king who established the first verifiable empire.
quadrumanes: refers to primates and ape-like creatures which may have been the ancestors of mankind.
The great sepulchre of the people of Aquitaine
Will approach near to Tuscany,
When Mars will be in the corner of Germany
And in the land of the Mantuan people.

Le grand ſepulchre du peuple Aquitanique
S'approchera aupres de la Toſcane
Quand Mars ſera pres du coing Germanique
Et au terroir de la gent Mantuane.

L1: <i enLarged quaint pulSe equAl up><uplanderS liquAte equiangLe><her dupe unclaSped enLarged plAque><it equAl a quin><antique plAque dupe ><pulSe quantiLe danger><uplanderS equiangLe><unpreSaged quantiLe quAi><inequaL dangerS quit><enlarged Aquitaine> gundeaLerS unSpared lurched

L2: <pseudoanceSTral area prop Sea><Tale reproach oceanS Sap><Sane persuade hear coaSTal crop><~locaTeS a pure deal to reach propaneS~><era reapproacheS><aS ocTaneS pure leads><dealers / leaders To Scan Sea> <paperS To Scan pleasured area>

L3: <in pseudorganic germ><eQuand sourced merginG a quin><maniq quadrumanes (pre-human primates><Sparse Ginger sourced><produces a Ginger man><produceS eGg in ramequin (cuisine made with egg) era><marine quaqe Going><arMs perSuader>

L4: <Meant atune dire tangle or true Eat ><Meant truer unEaten at galdiore><realigned Mutant><angel terroris(s)ed eannatuM (8th Sumerian King) >legendari eagle enlarged

Table listing anagram occurrences (1-23) in Nostradamus' Prophecies

1: pseudoancestral, predacious, uplanders, Eannatum, merging, ginger, quadrumanes,
2: approachers, quadrumane, equiangle, Goering, mutant, plaque, going,
3: reapproach, unclasped, produces, Aquitane / inaquate, antiqua, coastal,
4: aquatile, ramequin, inequal, lurch,
5: unpresaged, gundealers, ungrasped, sepulchre, lurched, uneaten, cursed, maniq,
6: Aquitaine, gundealer, reproach, locates, scud,
7: - 
8: legendari / realigned, unspared, octanes, egg,
9: upends, salted,
10: persuader, propanes,
11: sourced / scoured,
12: preludes / repulsed, coast, Apeps,
13: -
14: quantile, pleasured, uuaqen,
15: -,
16: liquate, dupes,
17: drapers, eagle,
18: chopper, elegant, spend,
19: -,
20: engram / German, rioter,
21: -,
22: -
23: -,

Key Ideas:

predacious, pseudoancestral, uplanders, Eannatum, unclasped, merging, ginger, quadrumanes, Goering, mutant, plaque, reapproach, produces, coastal, aquatile, antiqua, unpresaged, sepulchre, lurched, uneaten, cursed, Aquitaine, gundealer, reproach, locates, scud, realigned, octanes, upends, salted, egg, propanes, sourced, repulsed, German, rioter.




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