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Nostradamus C3 Q33: The lone wolf who betrays a city by destroying the people's breeding capacity.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C3 Q33 Poetries Predstinable Presageamt AmountsThis verse contains elements in its anagrams that suggest it was written in a form to please his patrons but one that still retains his aim of prophecies for the period of many centuries after 199CE. The wolf is an allusion for a leaderless (res de la les) gangster (ſtrange g), a lone wolf who changes the breeding capacity of a city's citizens through arsenite (ie eſtran) poisoning and treason (ſeront A). His aims transpose (amis -paſſeront) the stages (s gaſte) at which the Eastern egg (e eſtran - ge g) matures (murs et A). This same theme appears in C3 Q39.

The anagrams that provide the framework for understanding this verse include:

1. Locative locatiue era portune clan enrapture
2. Benoit nemesis predestinable all leaderless men seen
3. P
resagient poetries operatic stages generates Eastern gangster  teargas danger
4. Amountx swarm matures pleases Messia patroness,


# Benoit: Nostradamus' first publisher based in Lyons.
In the city where the wolf will enter,
Very near there will the enemies be
Foreign army will spoil a great country.
The friends will pass at the wall and Alps.
En la cite ou le loup entrera
Bien pres de la les ennemis ſeront
Copie eſtrange grand pays gaſtera
Aux murs et Alpes les amis paſſeront
L1: <it enter loupe clan Era><it enrapture lancE / clEan><repent nEar><ell locatiue era portune >

L2: <else predestinable nemeSis torn><Benoit pen leaders men riSes><not all men riSes seen Bi pen><mines enseal><~else enn pen seal elders torn Bi Seism~>

L3: <preSagient danger Stages pay><~agen poetries traCe grandpa gays~> <gangSter pays rand Stage><grandpa generateS gays traceS><operatic gaS generateS pays><~eaStern / neareSt operatic egg pays gays rand~>arSenite eaSter reSpite

L4: <~seismal / aimless plAtes tranSpoSe sumer uxA~><males aSperSions><~uuarmetalx torn paSSeS sleeps Aims~><~uxA spell matures treaSonS impasse~><pleAses / elApses><pleAses uxA impaSSes torn elapses>
1: predestinable, leaderless,
2: locatiue, amountx, gangster, pallets,
3: transposes, inoculate, operatic, impasses, poetries, Estaples, isomers, teargas,
4: -
5: presagient, aspersions, enrapture, impasse,
6: -
7: personas, messier, learner,
8: egg,
9: patroness / transpose, matures, asepsis, pastel / plates, untax,
10: aimless / seismal, pelates, remiss, apsis,
11: muster,
12: gates / stage, Anael,
13: Benoit, botein,
14: respite,
15: nemesis, nearer, pays,
16: amiss, pad,
17: elapses / pleases,
18: portune, plaster, spender,
19: treasons, repine, errant,
20: generates / teenagers, arsenite, reasons,
21: aleles, petal / plate,
22: prelates, passes.
23: -

Key Ideas:

predestinable, leaderless, gangster, locative, teargas, isomers, messier, amounts, pallets, untax, Benoit, Estaples, operatic, poetries, presagient, impasse, aspersions, enrapture, patroness, seismal, plates, transpose, stage, egg, matures, nearer, respite, nemesis, pays, elapses, portune, treasons, generates, arsenite, errant, reasons.


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