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Nostradamus C3 Q36: Cost of an Eastern remedy a queen uses for her sons dementia.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C3 Q36 When a leader is buried alive in the region around Aleppo,Antioch Quqite a cnahege in laws is forced on the peopleThe text of this verse is given a great deal of detail by the anagrams contained in its lettering. The first line is a statement that the person suffers dementia (ite damne) at a young age and is then labelled as a moronc (on mor). The second line gives the results of the medication when applied according to instructions from Turkey while its anagrams mention Rosewater and minerals thereby referencing tretaments that Nostradamus learnt while in Agen. The third line is a statement about the mineral nature of the remedy as it refers to an etherial earthlier (ra lhereti healer (e damn - a lhere) being  named. The anagrams indicate the region is that of Aleppo (apople) in Syria. The verse also offers a name suited to sourcing of the required minerals via Lombrives (eur ſembloi), a name for cave dwellers from Southern France.

The anagrams for rebuilding the intended prophecy include:

1. Quiet ensue only moron part quieten Aleppo
2. Minerals misnames seers art Roseuuater uurote  meanings
3. Quuieq land cited dementia quieter healer uuaken earthlier name
4. Exiles teaching uuaqes result mobile toil rules change

C3 Q36
Buried apoplectic not dead,
He will be found to have his hands eaten:
When the city will condemn the heretic,
He who it seemed to them changed their laws.
Enſeuely non mort apopletique
Sera trouue auoir les mains mangees
Quand la cite damnera l'heretique
Qu'auoit leurs loix ſe leur ſembloit changees.
L1: <moon polite part quEen uSe> <only matron topple>< a quiet moron Seen topple><quiEtenS aleppo( near Edessa)>euenly EquineS ><quieT EnSue>

L2: <~a Seers realism uurote oua meanings~><~mans realism ouue genes arreSt~><eaSters meanings uurote><Sees males era meanings uurote><mans minerals><realism roSeuuaters meanings><misnames agen reaSsert>realms uuaue

L3: <here quqite (edessa heretic) dame learn><etherial timecalendar><and there name Quueiq (river in Aleppo) dialect><here real declaimant Quiet><earthlier dementia quaqe (quake)><quieter named uuaQen citadel><and cited land name quiet healer>either reanimated

L4: <antioch Slumber uuaQes elSe oilx / xoil result><mobile chant ruleS> <uuaQes agen><lombruieS (cave in SW France xoil elSe chant result><teaching aQueous oil reSult><burmeSe exileS change aqueous toil>
1: Lombriues, melanisms, misnames, namings, Lehrman, aqueous,
2: teaching, earthlier, meanings, mobile, Aleppo,
3: time-calendar, declaimant, endermatic, acidulant, roseuuaters, tradename, rumbles / slumber, Quqite, Burmese, limbo,
4: reanimated, Antioch, dementia, etherial, healer,
5: Quitaque, either, ,
6: minerals,
7: instant, curios, bruno,
8: roseuuater, quieten(s), polite, arrests, 
9: uuaqqe,
10: requite / quieter,
11: mated / tamed,
12: moron, queens, there, three,
13: equine, exiles, resume, oilx,
14: dialect / citadel, realism, uuaqen,
15: reassert, boil,
16: aqueus / uuaqes,
17: Lexis, atop,
18: -,
19: renamed, moon,
20: -,
21: mange, queen,
22: -,
23: masniel, seminal, result, here.

Lehrman, misnames, Lombrives, aqueous, melanisms, teaching, earthlier, meanings, Aleppo, mobile, time-calendar, declaimant, acidulant, rosewaters, tradename, Burmese, Quqite, reanimated, Antioch, dementia, etherial, healer, either, Quitaque, minerals, waken, moron, slumber, or, limbo, means, queens, instant, arrests.



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