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Nostradamus C03 Q37: Islamic attack on Italy launched from the sea.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse has an anagram for Manzil (z Milan) a term that links it to the theme running through this section of the Prophecies. It involves a war that centres on the Middle -East but reaches throughout the Mediterranean countries. Manzil is an Islamic term for each of the parts of the Koran when it is divided into seven equal parts. The incidents in the text are given colour by anagrams such as Parcae (e par ca) refutes (r feu et ſ) pleadings (s d'aigle p).which implies an extremely harsh invader is involved while the anagrams for assault sailor (l'aſſaut - l'orais), Oannes (anons e) and Algedi (d'aigle) point to a seaborn attack at a time when Capricornus is prominent in the sky.

The anagrams for rebuilding the intended prophecy include:

assaultant on sailor prison once noon a[d]vancent
Auant l'aſſaut l'oraison prononcee

Manazil pleadings Al-Gedi subscheme preamble heeds Duchess cues
Milan prins d'aigle par embuſches deceuz

men[a]ce of Parcae unilateral ill preacquaint of[f]ence equip Oannes quiet sonance
Muraille antique par canons enfoncee

feature magnates agents German managers rescue Percy crew
Par feu et ſang a mercy peu receus

# Oannes: name given in Babylon to a mythical being who taught mankind wisdom. He had the body of a fish while underneath was the figure of a man. He lived in the Persian Sea and in the day would rise from the deeps to mankind instruction in writing, the arts and the various sciences
Parcae: the three women Nona, Decima and Morta who personify destiny in ancient Roman mythology- equivalent to Fates, Norns and Moiras of other cultures.
Algedi: Arabic name for the constellation of Capricornus , the Sea goat whose origin has been connected to Oannes by some ancient writers. One of the three water signs and hence very relevant to sailors.
Manzil: One of seven equal parts into which the Koran can be divided.
The speech delivered before the attack,
Milan taken by the Eagle through deceptive ambushes
Ancient wall driven in by cannons,
Through fire and blood few given quarter.
Auant l'aſſaut l'oraison prononcee
Milan prins d'aigle par embuſches deceuz
Muraille antique par canons enfoncee
Par feu et ſang a mercy peu receus
L1: <sailor aSSault on aunt once porn><once on uSSat oral prison><AtlaSeS-nuance>

L2: <ducheSs preamble><pleadings are Manzil Subschemed cue><Subscheme reap al-gedi Manzil cue><preSumablechesed (4th Seph-Jup) cue><Mi plan>seduce

L3: <equip oannes unilateral arc><once Mureail quantile caper><preacquaint oannes of ceruMen>

L4: <~magnateS pryce cure feuer Pause~><a agentS pure mercy><featureS manager><a german / engram refuteS><featureS anegram>
1: preacquaint, magnates, Duchess,
2: presumable, Manazil, unilateral, pleadings, great-names, cumbers, manage(s), 
3: subscheme, preamble,
4: Eufrates / features, refutes, salts,
5: preacquit, dealings,
6: managers, anegram / manager, mercy, refute,
7: Piquet, muze,
8: assault, canons, Al-Gedi, feature,
9: -
10: Parcae, such,
11: sailor, heeds,
12: canon, embus, rescue / secure, mage / game,
13: chesed,
14: quantile, sonance, prison, drains, 
15: -
16: -
17: -
18: aslant, seduce, shed, cry,
19: -
20: engram / German, amber,
21: Oannes, mange,
22: unseat, arum.
23: -

magnates, preacquaint, Duchess, presumable, subscheme, manages, Manazil, unilateral, pleadings, great-names, cumbers, preamble, features, managers, dealings, Parcae, refutes, mercy, canons, assault, preacquit, prison, Al-Gedi, feature, sailor, heeds, rescue, quantile, sonance, drains, cry, German, Oannes, unseat.



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