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Nostradamus C3 Q41: A mutant creature born in a rural region due to chemicals in subsoil.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is about the contamination of soil by sulphurous chemicals that leads to a mutant creature (t creuer a) being born in a rural area. These chemicals are sulphides (Plus hide) and fluoride (our fidel) located in the subsoil (il Boſſu) . The monster mentioned in the text is a Centaur (ant creu) like beast. The inclusion of the wording 'The willing blow will put out his eye' in the third line of text is consistent witha new species of creatures having an enhanced eye whose superiority threatens mankind.

The anagrams for rebuilding the intended prophecy include:

subsoil uses assures oracle pleasure enclose parcel clones lie
Boſſu ſera eſleu par le conſeil

sulphide use Nostredemux wished Paulus re-enter apen appearance
Plus hideux monſtre en terre n'apperceau

couple ovulant creature Centaur recountal reveal oral lie
Le coup voulant creuer a l'oeil

terrestial literatures your pow[e]r filled field reticulates
Le traiſtre au Roy pour fidelle receu
Hunchback will be elected by the council,
A more hideous monster not seen on earth,
The willing blow will put out his eye:
The traitor to the King received as faithful.
Boſſu ſera eſleu par le conſeil
Plus hideux monſtre en terre n'apperceau
Le coup voulant creuer a l'oeil
Le traiſtre au Roy pour fidelle receu
L1: <releaSe up SuBSoil era encloSe><clear SuBSeroSa (cancerous membrane) leSion (a) pleaSure ><BoliS (meteor) aSSure pleaSure encloSe><Boss uSe oracle lineS pleaSure>

L2: <Paul uuished monux (site in Spain) enter terrene paper><Paulus hide monux enterS><Nostredemux enter his appearence><~reSt reenter monux sulPhide appearence~>

L3: <ovulant coupLe lie><iLl leo creature><~coupLe oral countervalue lie~><centaur real> nucleator central trance untrace

L4: <terreSt(r)iaL cue refilled><youR era traitS><youR era reticuLateS><~Straiter cLue urea fluoride poy reel~><your reaLiSt field pour cre-ature><a cue aLter your riteS>LiteratureS Lecture
1: sulphide, subsoils, subserosa, appearence, fluoride, countervalue, uuished, cupulae,
2: reticulates, literatures, nucleator / recountal, exodium, subsoil, refilled, sobs,
3: Nostredemux, apparence, straiter, couple,
4: terrestial, Trencauel, Centaur / untrace, your era, hides,
5: creature, filled,
6: central, Monux,
7: ovulant,
8: Paulus, assures, plush, lobs, hid,
9: Tauriel, artist / traits / strait, hide,
10: boils / blois / bolis, field,
11: Lupus, fired,
12: trance, mox,
13: lecture,
14: pleasure, release,
15: releases, oracle, boil, nearer,
16: saltier / realist,
17: -,
18: -,
19: -,
20: enclose,
21: parcel,
22: -,
23: -.

sulphide, subsoils, subserosa, appearence, countervalue, wished, fluoride, reticulates, Nostredemux, literatures, recountal, refilled, straiter, couple, terrestial, Centaur, your era, hides, ovulant, creature, filled, central, Monux, Paulus, assures, hide, pleasure, realist, release, oracle, parcel, enclose.



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